USSD Code To Lock Your Bank Account If Your Phone Is Stolen

Do you know that most thieves now target mobile phones, not for the value of the phone but because they can easily get access to your bank account and make withdrawals, especially if your phone number is linked to your bank account? So, if you find yourself in a situation where your phone is stolen or lost, there is a code to lock your bank account instantly in order to prevent the thief from withdrawing your money.

How can you block your bank account if your phone is stolen?

There are many ways to stop a third-party from gaining access to your account, which are:

  1. Call the customer care of your bank and ask them to block your account. Or run to the bank branch if it is open.

  2. Log into your mobile app or online banking and block your account.

  3. Dial the bank USSD code with any available phone and follow the instructions.

Code to lock your bank account if your phone is stolen

In this post, we have compiled the list of banks and USSD codes to dial from any available phone to temporarily stop authorized transactions when your phone is stolen.

To successfully lock your bank account with any available phone, you need to know your bank account number and other details to prove you are the true owner of the account.

Quickly lock your bank account by dialing the following codes:

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You can dial the code from any phone. You will be asked to enter the account number you want to lock, and that solves it.

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