Watch Video of a Man Sleeping with Group of Cheetahs in South Africa

The trending video of a man sleeping with the family of Cheetah at night is going viral on the internet and, at the same time, getting viewers’ attention based on their reactions and comments.

The video is shared on the YouTube channel as proof of an experiment performed on cheetahs in South Africa at one cheetah experience in the cheetah breed center in order to learn more about the cheetahs by Volker, who was given an opportunity to spend the night with three cheetahs while gathering more information about them as well as generalizing their well-being.

Well, Volker, while explaining his reasons for carrying out this experiment on his YouTube channel, expressed his love for animals. He is also a degree holder in zoology who studies animal behavior as well as speaks on their behalf.

Volker wrote on his YouTube channel while sharing the video via YouTube as he tried to get viewers’ reactions on whether cheetahs preferred cold concrete, warm blankets, and being in a group.

However, since they are bred, it no longer makes them wild, and when they give birth to their young ones (cubs), they will be monitored as well. Also, note that not all mothers permit the breeding of their young ones among the cheetahs.

Therefore, it is only a mother that is approachable and friendly to her attendant that allows her cubs to be bred. Besides, there is also a plan to release one of these cheetahs into the wild in the future after great nurturing from the breeding centre.

According to Volker, aside from his first visit, he was permitted with special permission to spend nights with the three cheetahs since he had watched them grow and build relationships with them after his first experience with them at the breeding centre and, as such, became friendly with them. Based on the results from social media, this video has gotten 17,608,753 views so far, as well as different reactions from members of the internet community.

One YouTube user who watched this video wrote, “I love how one cheetah is sleeping while the others are awake-just like humans, but animals never get pissed off when they wake up from sleep because of disturbance, be it cheetahs or tigers.”

Watch the Video Below:

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