Viral Video of An Eagle Catching A Mountain Goat

This incredible 2 minute and 3 second video about an eagle and a mountain goat is going viral and engaging many viewers on social media. It’s on the IVM Sky Animals YouTube channel as well as reactions from social media users (netizens). The video shows the sense of humor of the eagle trying to make something different from other birds by hunting a mountain goat.

This might look like a joke, right? Yes. But as you continue to watch and wonder how a strange skill was used by the eagle to hunt the goat, that finally made the mountain goat not survive after facing many difficulties in the eagle’s beak. Furthermore, the action-taking to achieve this by the eagle is well documented in this video.

When the eagle got close enough to the goat, it tried to draw it closer to itself with its beak before dropping it on the mountains. As with the height difference between the goat landing from the eagle’s beak down to the mountain, the goat falls and, upon the stones, ends it all there.

Nevertheless, this video of 2 minutes and 3 seconds has been shared on the IVM Animal YouTube channel and has gotten many different reactions and comments from those who have watched it via social media. Among most social media users, the video has been viewed more than 15,195,808 times, giving an impression of how a 20 ibs bird is trying to carry a 100 ibs goat back to its nest.

And here are some comments from those who have watched the video.

A user commented that the eagle doesn’t necessarily need to carry the goat back to its nest, while another, in an amusing mood, commented that the eagle wanted to test to see if the goat could fly. For me, though it sounds funny, the eagle wanted to have a bigger prey store in its nest.

Watch the Video Below:

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