How Npower Volunteers Can PITCH Their business To Attract Funding

Graduates and non-graduate lively Nigerian youngsters who volunteered and were selected to work under the Federal Government empowerment initiative known as “Npower Program” as a temporary means of creation make up the Npower beneficiaries.

The Npower Program’s major goal is to offer Nigerian adolescents with work experience or skills that would enable them to start enterprises that will provide jobs for others.

Since the start of the Npower Program, two batches, A and B, have graduated and started their own enterprises. And the federal government has set up a program called Nexit to help them get a loan to fund their firm.

Current Npower batch C1 beneficiaries should be aware that their time in the program is running out, and that they must begin learning the procedure of obtaining company funding. As a result, we’ve chosen to write this piece to provide you three approaches to PITCH your business to acquire finance as a Npower volunteer.

Some of you will be asked to pitch your business idea if you apply for business finance through a plan set up to provide such help. Here’s how you get ready to pitch:

1. Get yourself ready: First, you must prepare

both yourself and your concept It’s important to remember that many foundations care as much about the entrepreneur as they do about the company strategy. As a result, it’s vital that the foundation and the entrepreneur share the same work ethic and outlook.

2. Self-assurance is essential: Breathing slowly can help

If you’re nervous about pitching, this will help you relax. It’s also beneficial to keep materials such as your notes and stickers near at hand. thus you can quickly refer to them if you forget something. This helps you stay on target and shows the judges that you’re in command.

3. Keep it simple

It’s best to keep things simple when writing your proposal. Use a language that even a small toddler can understand. Your company strategy should be easy to follow and never be too lengthy. It must be succinct and to the point.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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