Want To Know If Anyone Is Trying To Unlock Your Phone? Check This Out

When almost everyone gets a new phone, the first thing they do is set up a PIN or pattern to secure it. Even those who have a fingerprint reader will require a PIN if the fingerprint reader fails at any point or if they prefer to unlock the device this way.

This manner, anyone who picks up our phone will be unable to access all of our data and installed programs. Most users, on the other hand, choose a PIN that is easy to guess by those surrounding them, or even if someone observes you input it numerous times, they can try to guess it afterwards. Then we’ll show you how to figure out if someone tried to unlock your phone and who it was.

This is particularly valuable in determining if someone in our environment is attempting to unlock our phone in order to gain access to information, but it may also be used to locate our phone if it is lost or stolen, as well as to determine who owns it.

So you can tell if someone is attempting to unlock your phone in order to snoop on you or if it has been stolen.

For this, we’ll need to have Lockwatch installed on our phone, which is accessible for free download and installation on Google Play for Android devices.

We can configure certain details once this application is installed on the phone, such as whether we want to receive an email message with the photo and location of the person trying to unlock the phone, the number of failed attempts we want to wait to detect that it is someone else trying to unlock the phone, and so on.

Other features and functions of Lockwatch are available, but you must first complete the checkout process in order to use them.

However, with the free version’s features, we can see whether someone is attempting to unlock our phone and who it is, since Lockwatch will take a photo with our phone’s front camera to capture the face of the person attempting to unlock our phone.

When the configured number of attempts is surpassed, this information is sent to our email, allowing us to view the photo of the person who attempted to unlock the phone as well as their position, which is essential in the event that the phone is stolen.

When setting the number of failed attempts to enter our phone’s PIN or pattern, keep in mind that if we input the correct pin in less than 10 seconds, Lockwatch will recognize us and assume that we entered the PIN incorrectly the first time.

However, if the PIN or pattern is not entered successfully after these seconds, an email containing the photo and location will be sent.

It’s also crucial to go into our phone’s settings and choose “Notifications are not received on the Lockwatch mobile” so that the person trying to unlock the phone doesn’t realize we’re spying on them because of a notice.

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