5 Ways To Make Money On PalmPay | See Steps

Aside from receiving and sending money with Palmpay app, you can also earn cool money while doing your transactions. In this post, we will show you 5 ways to make money on Palmpay app. You may also like to read: how to open PalmPay account.

How to make money using PalmPay app

Below are how to make money daily on palmpay:

1. Rewards on all transactions

PalmPay app rewards its users for every transaction you do with it. Such transactions include purchase of airtime, data, electricity, betting, tv subscription, etc. You can earn cool cash on PalmPay through this way.

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2. Cash Spree

Palmpay users can earn up to N2000 for inviting friends to join PalmPay via cash spree link. You can earn up to 2000 by inviting four people. All need to do is to share your Cash Spree link with your friends.

3. Palmpay Awoof Moni

Awoof Moni is another method to earn money on the PalmPay app. This is a promo from PalmPay that allows users to earn by giving to others. When a customer sends up to N100 from their Awoof Moni wallet to a friend. If their friend downloads the PalmPay app, claims the money and spends it, the customer would get rewarded with the same amount. Example: If you are up to N100 to a friend, you will be rewarded with the same amount after your friend joined PalmPay and spends the money that you sent to them.

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4. Playing the lucky game

The PalmPay lucky game is more of a lucky draw. You will instantly earn money reward based on your luck. You can play the Lucky Money game after every single time you do transaction on the app such as transfer money, buy airtime, pay for a bill, etc.

5. By joining PalmForce

This is another sure way to earn while using the PalmPay App. As a PalmPay member, you earn real cash (not points) by inviting users to join the app. To Join PalmForce, you must have up to 5 active referrals who must have funded their PalmPay Wallet and carried transactions on their app.

Note: Palmpay rewards on every transaction. The rewards can be discounts or PalmPoints. A PalmPoint is equivalent to N1.

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