Ways To Verify Real Job Interview Invitation To Avoid Scammers

When it comes to determining which interviews and offers are legitimate and which are fake as a job seeker, it can be difficult. This is why we’ve highlighted a few resources, such as the ones below:

Here are some quick methods for detecting phony interview invitations, regardless of where they came from.

1. Look up the email address on the internet.

It’s crucial to look up the email address of the firm or organization that’s posting the job opening to see if it’s legitimate. According to Nigeria Latest Opportunities, if the name on the advertisement matches what is found on Google, you are on the right track.

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2. Look for the office’s address on the internet.

The office address is another important element to look for. Look up the address on the advertisement on Google; if it matches the one on the company’s website, it’s a genuine invitation.

3. Use a search engine to look for the company’s name

Another thing worth researching is the company’s name. You can avoid falling for the erroneous job invite by conducting a thorough search on a prominent search engine.

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4. Search Outcomes Don’t add anything up

If you perform your investigation and keep getting various findings, it’s a hint that the job invitation isn’t genuine.

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According to CareerAddict, some scammers go so far as to create bogus websites in order to fool naïve job seekers. Scamwarners will assist you in weeding out and identifying people who have a history of deception.

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Updated: March 31, 2022 — 3:21 pm

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