What Npower Non-graduate Beneficiaries Should Take To Camp

As all categories of Npower Batch C are being focussed on. What Npower non-graduate beneficiaries should take to camp is a must know, hence the relevance of this post.

The Npower non-graduate beneficiaries are expected to be in camp for three (3) months. Read also: Npower Batch C Non-graduate Deployment Update

The selected beneficiaries received the invite regarding the training some weeks back.
Those invited can as well check their training venue and date via their nasims portal dashboard.
However, selected beneficiaries were all sent an invitation mail regarding the three (3) months’ training.

What Npower Non-graduate Beneficiaries Should Take To The Training Camp

  1.  A valid means of identification, preferably the one submitted during application.
  2. Deployment status printout.
  3. Personal belongings i.e. clothes, footwears, toiletries, etc.
  4. Little cash should in case of any unexpected expenses on your way or while on the camp.

All zones have their specified date of resumptions and venues. Therefore, beneficiaries should confirm theirs before traveling down.

Those who didn’t report to camp as at the appropriate time might risk being a beneficiary.
Once successful registered in the camp venue, beneficiaries are to base there until completion of the training.

Note: Covid19 protocols will be highly observed and adhere to during the training.

Those having unresolved problems can visit the namsims self service portal for more information regarding the challenges encountered.

Source: Nyscinfo

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