When Will Npower Start Recruiting Under President Tinubu?

With only a few months left for Npower batch C2 to finish their one-year empowerment program and continuing revisions to the Nasims self-service platform, there is a chance that the next batch of 2023 may be enrolled under President Tinubu’s administration.

Since its beginning in 2016, the Npower initiative, which was launched by President Buhari’s prior administration, has registered three batches of volunteers. Batches A, B, and C are the current ones.

The Npower program was created to provide young, lively Nigerian youngsters with employability and entrepreneurship skills, allowing them to become employable or entrepreneurs.

More than a million kids have benefited from the N-power program’s Graduate and Non-graduate categories. Graduate categories receive monthly stipends of N30000, while non-graduate categories receive monthly stipends of N10000.

Though there has been no official comment regarding the future of the Npower program under this new Administration, as beneficiaries of batch C have yet to receive their 8 monthly backlog payment.

Furthermore, while there is always the prospect of new recruitment, it is equally vital to note that there is no current 2023 applicant recruiting going on.

Potential Npower Applicants should take heed in order to avoid being duped. You do not have to pay to apply for the Npower program, and any portal that asks for payment for Npower recruitment is a hoax.

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