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Where To Apply For FMBN NHF Mortgage Loans In Nigeria

Are you interested in applying for FMBN NHF Mortgage loans in Nigeria? Here we will list the authorized banks for FMBN NHF Mortgage Loans.

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The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) has warned Nigerians against misleading information on social media sponsored by scammers regarding applications for FMBN housing loans.

FMBN is an institution that provides reliable and affordable access to homeownership for Nigerians.

According to a statement released by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, the approved platforms for applying for the FMBN NHF Mortgage loans is through licensed Primary Mortgage Banks as contained in the list below:

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Accredited Mortgage Banks for FMBN NHF Mortgage loans

  • First Trust Mortgage Bank Plc
  • Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc
  • Abbey Building Society Plc
  • Jigawa Savings & Loans
  • Nigeria Police Mortgage Bank
  • City Code Savings & Loans Limited
  • AG Homes Savings & Loans Limited
  • Delta Trust Mortgage Bank Ltd
  • Lagos Building Investment Company Plc
  • First Generation Mortgage Bank Ltd
  • Living Trust Mortgage Bank Plc Formerly Omolua
  • Jubilee Life Mortgage Bank Plc
  • Platinum Mortgage Bank Ltd
  • Brent Mortgage Bank Limited
  • GatewayMortgage Bank Ltd
  • FHA Homes Savings & Loans Ltd
  • Home base Mortgage Bank Limited

How to Apply for FMBN mortgage loan

If you are applying for FMBN products such as the home renovation loan, individual construction loan, and rent-to-own, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Visit
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