Where To Get Loan In Lagos Nigeria (Easy Guide)

Lagos is, without doubt, the economic capital of Nigeria. Although it is the smallest in Nigeria in terms of its geographic landscape, it is home to millions of Nigerians. Aside this, it’s also home to smart people who need urgent money to tackle personal problems or grow their small businesses. If you are a startup and you do not know where to get money to augment your business, there are loan companies in Lagos that can lend you money for a period, enabling you to pay back little by little, without stress. Here we shall look at places to get loan in Lagos. Also Check Out How to Get FG Loans for Small Businesses.

Where To Get Loan In LagosThis article lists some of the prominent loan companies in Lagos.

Where to get a loan in Lagos State

As the population in Lagos, so are opportunities. And for the question of where you can get loans in Lagos, you become literarily overwhelmed with options to choose from.

Although it is funny, but not surprising, that people often have their eyes fixed on the banks whenever the issue of where to get a loan arises. While commercial banks offer loans, we will leave the banks and focus on other financial organizations that you can obtain a loan without stress. Below are organizations that offer loan in Lagos;

1. Rosabon Financial Services

Rosabon financial services is a leader in providing funding help needed to grow ideas to profitable businesses that will add great value to the economy at large. This company offers personal loan, investment, vehicle lease and partnerships.

Their aim is to help business and individuals achieve their financial objectives by giving them access to millions of naira, which they disburse without wasting time. The company’s website is www.rosabon-finance.com.

2. Skystone capital

Skystone capital careers deals in personal finance, which provides short to medium term loan for salary earners. It also renders fund management services by helping customers and clients manage their funds within an agreed period.

Additionally, it offers leases by purchasing debts and receivables from clients at a discount, provides paid financial advisory to clients and debt factoring, at a discount. You can check the website on skystone-capital.com.

3. LMoney

One of the amazing things about Lmoney is that fact that you can get a loan of up to N2 million naira in a matter of hours. More so, the company is unique, being that it has a great loan calculator that allows you to have a smooth loan journey.

4. Migo

Migo is a credit lending platform that cater to the needs of various economic players, ranging from banks, merchants, fintechs and telecoms. If you are looking for a loan to service your business, especially from a company with a very low interest rate, migo is your best plug. You can get your funds within 2mins and with no documentation or collateral.

5. EasyLoans

With up to 1,000,000 naira loan available and a 3-month loan duration, Easyloans provides you with irresistible opportunity at getting that loan that you have long looked for. All you need to do is simply visit easyloan.ng to register, apply for a loan, provide all necessary documents and have your loan amount disbursed in no time, with no collateral needed.


Finding where to get a loan in Lagos is very easy, especially if you are tech savvy. While we covered a few, which are among the best around, there are a lot of others yet to be covered, but we promise we will discuss them in our subsequent articles because, knowing where to get a loan in Lagos is an information you can’t afford not to have.

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