Why Npower Physical Verification For Batch C Might Come After Deployment

The Npower Batch C recruitment which is ongoing has gotten to the stage of deployment (only for Stream 1), of which after that the lucky ones are expected to be physically screened at their deployed local government.

The aspect of physical verification has become a thing of worry for the prospective beneficiaries, especially the date that such verification will take place.

Because of the constant questions coming to our desk regarding the date for the physical verification of Batch C Stream 1 applicants, we have elucidated all you need to know in this post.

For those of us who can recall how the previous N-Power Batch A and B recruitment was carryout, you will agree with us that beneficiaries who were shortlisted had to go to their various LGA to confirm if their names were out, after which they proceed to the next stage which is ‘physical verification’.

There was nothing like shortlisted names being access online, or online verification (Fingerprints capturing).

But with Batch C recruitment, the process took a different dimension as most of these things are being done on the NASIMS Portal.

It is uncertain if the ‘physical verification’ will hold, as the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs are still confused on what to do. The last time we spoke with a reliable source, she said they might use the Biometric Fingerprints in place of physical verification.

Because of the different adopted methods between previous Batches (Batch A and Batch B) and the current Batch C, if there should be anything like physic verification, it will be after the stream 2 prospective beneficiaries of about five hundred thousand (500,000) are deployment that the management can schedule the physical verification.

Meaning, anything of such ball down to completion of the recruitment process, with the total beneficiaries of one million (1,000,000) being deployed to the various sectors in the different Local Government Areas (LGA).

It is necessary to know that the Biometric (Fingerprints capturing) that is being done by the Batch C applicants on the NASIMS Portal will be used for the following;

  1. BVN Authentication.

  2. Bank account confirmation.

  3. Confirmation of citizenship (if a particular applicant is a Nigerian or not).

Note: The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has not approved June 25 for physical verification.

Applicants are expected to get the original of all their submitted documents available should in case there will be need for the physical verification at their place of primary assignment (PPA).

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. For those of us that served, after first biometric, it was DOCUMENTATION at the PPA, local government. Nothing like physical verification. SHORTLISTING is like MOBILISATION for NYSC

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