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Why you Should Never Allow Anyone Write Npower Test for You

Accepting an offer from someone online to write your Npower test for you doesn’t only mean you giving your login details. It means giving such person a complete access to your personal details, mostly BVN and other banking details which are the main target of scammers. See how you can on your own score over 70% in Npower Test.

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With such exposed details, not only will you loose money from your personal account, your BVN can be used to open a Bank Account online in your name which you don’t have control over, not even alert. Then, illegal gotten money can be transferred into that account and further linked to a cashable means.

Behold when the EFCC starts investigation, you will be the PRIME SUSPECT because it’s your details that is reflecting as the Account owner.

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The world is a computer village, anything is possible. You can be in your home and someone somewhere has opened an account in your name just to successfully carry out a fraudulent transaction all because they had access to your details.

Don’t expose your personal details all in the name of N-power Test and High Score Quest. Please ignore anyone online who is offering to write Npower test for you in other to have high score.


  1. Allowing someone to write the test for you means you are going to give such person your login details. and by doing so, you are exposing your full personal details, mostly BVN and other banking details which are the main target of scammers.

  2. Avoid anybody online offering to help you take the test. The world is full of scammers. They are only taking advantage of your sincere quest for help in other to exhibit their scamming technique.

  3. Be warned. Most of the high score people post online are photo shopping.

  4. As a graduate, the test is not that difficult. The only difficulty is the process one has to go through before writing the test, and some of the challenges are due to poor network or technical error from the NASIMS site.

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Finally, Not everybody with high score will get deployment. It’s only by the Grace of God Almighty.

For those who are in the act of scamming, be rest assured that your end is near. The evil men do, lives with them, not after them. You see how yahoo boys die mysteriously. Evil is evil, there is no way you can spice it up with some good.

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  1. Sabiu Alhassan

    March 26, 2021 at 7:10 am

    I m sabiu from jigawa i have training and received my qualification and i m happy with that grogram than along

  2. Achimugu joy Ojoache

    March 25, 2021 at 3:22 pm

    I’m Achimugu joy Ojoache,I received Qualified message and a link for the on going NYIF training, but each time I try into website,it has not being opening for me to complete my application.please, help me out. Thanks.

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