10 Best AI Apps For Android And IOS Users

The year 2023 brought with it a slew of artificial intelligence products and services. There are numerous solutions available for everyone, ranging from the best AI authoring tools to AI music generators. Since OpenAI introduced the improved GPT-4 model, the opportunities have been steadily increasing.

Similarly, there are top AI programs available that go beyond chatbots and provide far more functionality. The majority of these AI apps have been researched and compiled in our list of the best AI apps. These apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. AI programs can assist you in making your job easier. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

10 Best AI Apps For Android And IOS Users

1. Socratic

Socratic is an artificial intelligence-powered math and homework aid app. Socratic uses AI to produce visual explanations for concepts that students need to learn. This is accomplished by students taking photos with their phone cameras.

Socratic uses text and speech recognition to help students learn physics, math, literature, social studies, and other disciplines. Both iOS and Android users can access the software. Google recently announced that it has purchased the app, which sounds fantastic. The Socratic app has over 5 million downloads on Google Play, indicating its popularity. The Socratic iOS app is likewise well-liked, according to positive reviews in the Apple App Store.


ELSA is the final AI app on our list of the best AI apps for mobile users. The ELSA app is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that assists you in learning English. Users of this software can practice speaking English and pronouncing English words with the help of small dialogues. They can expect rapid development because AI provides fast feedback. According to its website, nearly 4 million individuals have downloaded this software, which uses speech recognition technology. Additionally. After a seven-day trial period, the user must purchase ELSA Pro. ELSA Speak is available for both iOS and Android devices.

3. WOMBO Dream

WOMBO Dream is one of those that has released an AI app. The app has been available since 2022 and is still one of the best. You have the option of using an existing image or providing a text prompt. Following that, the program will generate artwork for you. It has the same general advantages and downsides as most apps.

Certain words can sometimes give you the opposite impression you were hoping for. The free version is slower and contains numerous advertising. But, if you can get past that, this is actually rather good for what it sets out to do. It has also had more time to mature because it is older than some of the others.

4. Youper

Youper is an emotional health assistant app powered by AI that is available on both iOS and Android devices. Because it allows for quick conversations, this app can help users take control of their mental well-being. Youper can provide users with personalized meditation assistance. Users can use Youper to better understand themselves and keep track of their moods. Youper uses AI to personalize a number of approaches. It’s currently one of the best AI apps available.

5. AI Mirror

The AI Mirror is another AI app on our list of the top ten AI apps. Using AI, the software creates filters for previously captured photos. The majority of the time, it worked reasonably well. However, the free edition contains obnoxious advertising, and the subscription to remove it is rather expensive. Apart from that, it delivers on its promise. When you add an image and choose a style, the AI will redraw it in that manner. Although several shots could absolutely be improved. And it appears to have some issues with skin tone; nevertheless, this is a very new technology, so we hope that it improves over time.

6. Hound

Hound is a voice assistant app powered by AI that is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can run a search using your natural speech and then refine the results. You can operate the hound without using your hands. It can call you or send you a text message, and it can provide you with accurate results quickly. You may also look for nearby hotels, drive to an address, call an Uber, check the status of your flight, and do a variety of other things! The software takes use of Deep Meaning Understanding and Speech-to-Meaning technology developed in-house. Hound’s major customers include large corporations such as Mercedez.

7. Microsoft SwiftKey

Microsoft SwiftKey has been using AI to improve the typing experience for years. It employs artificial intelligence (AI) to learn how people type and then uses that information to propose words and perform autocorrections. In practice, the keyboard operates admirably. However, Gboard remains superior in my opinion. In any event, you won’t notice a difference right away, but you will in the long run. Because the AI can detect some of your bad behaviors, it may start advocating your errors rather than typo repairs as a disadvantage of this strategy. This does not currently use credible AI, but Chat GPT is in the works, so it’s only a matter of time.

8. Bing Search And Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge is one of the most underestimated browsers available. Many of us prefer Chrome and Firefox to Microsoft Edge. The browser works reasonably well and allows you to connect to an ecosystem other than Apple’s or Google’s. Microsoft recently made a splash by incorporating Chat GPT-powered search into Bing. This technique was subsequently integrated into the mobile versions of Edge.

It works like most chatbots. If you ask it to, it will look things up online for you. Although it is necessary to double-check because it is not completely accurate, it appears to be outperforming Google Bard in its early phases. You can use this browser to help Microsoft maintain its advantage in the field of artificial intelligence. Please keep in mind that the browser includes advertisements, and the bothersome thing is that you can’t get rid of them. It’s fine if you still enjoy the advertisements.


When AI chat apps first became available, they were all of poor quality. But, as time passed, they improved, and we now have a plethora of excellent AI apps for you to try. Ask AI is one of those apps that has made significant progress. When you ask the Chat GPT-powered AI bot a question, it responds.

That is really all it does. It’s fun to ask it different questions and learn the answers. Any inquiry you ask this app yields a positive response. You may need to rephrase some queries to get the AI to react as you wish, but most AI chat programs work similarly.

The app is not entirely free. It features a premium edition with subscriptions ranging from a week to a lifetime. One disadvantage of this program is that the premium packages are somewhat pricey, but if you can afford it, there are no issues.

10. DataBox

Another popular AI app on the market is DataBox DataBot. It is an AI-powered virtual assistant. It is also available on Windows phones, iPads, iPods, Android tablets, and Xbox One. This app covers topics that are relevant to you and provides accurate answers to your questions through its voice.

On the basis of your interests, DataBot comprises services that give you access to photographs, information, and multimedia presentations. It provides information by leveraging Google searches, Wikipedia, and other sources.

You can customize the app to reflect your voice, language, and other preferences. The DataBox app supports a few languages, including English, German, and Portuguese. You can use SMS, email, and social media to convey information.

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