10 Big Fat Lies Nigerian Parents Tell Their Children

Parents teach their children not lie, but often time tell lies to their children. In Nigeria telling lies has become part of us, even the clergies cannot plea not guilty of it. In this article, we shall look at 10 big fat lies Nigerian parents tell their children.

10 Big Fat Lies Nigerian Parents Tell Their Children

If the amount of lies parents tell to their children on a daily basis can be measured, you will be amazed.

The truth is that some lies are not lies (or should we just tag it white lies). For example; you might tell someone on telephone call that you’re actually on your way, whereas you are still at home.

Lies can help parents control their children after they have tried everything possible, and it’s not working.

All over the world, parents tell lies to their children, but in this post, we shall only concentrate on the type of lies Nigerian parents tell their children.

10 big fat lies Nigerian parents tell their children

Below are top common lies Nigerian parents tell their children;

1. Eating beans will make you to be tall

Beans is nutritious, and can be good source of protein but many children do not like to eat it. So, in order to make their children eat beans, they would say ‘eating beans make children to grow tall’.

Many of us reading this post are victims of this lie (after all who no won grow tall).

2. If you swallow orange seed, it will grow on your head

Like seriously! Parents tell their children this lie to make them avoid swallowing orange seed. Since no child would like orange tree to grow on their head, they will stop swallowing orange seed.

3. When I was at your age, I always came first in my class

Because many parents want their children to take first position in school, they will have no option that to tell this lie. If every parent took first position in their class, who took the other positions?

4. If you drink coconut water you will be dull

Where on earth would drinking coconut water make people dull? I don’t know how some parents come about this lie., perhaps, that’s what they were told by their parents.

5. Mummy got pregnant from overfeeding

Some children are too inquisitive in nature, they want to know how mummy get pregnant. So, instead of mummy to tell them she did it with their father, they resort to lie.

6. Tell me the truth, I won’t beat you

Knowing it’s not right to beat an innocent child, they will find a away to make them confess. But, once the child admit to the crime, they will pounce on them.

7. Lend me your savings, I will pay back

As easy as that. When they tell this lie, their children will hurriedly lend them the money. But when it’s time to pay back, that’s when they will remind you of all the free food you have been eating.

8. Go and wear your shoes, I will wait for you

When parents want to go out, and their children insist to follow them, they will tell this lie to deceive them. Immediately, the child go inside to get their shoes, mummy have gone.

9. Tell the person at the door I am not at home or I’m sleeping

When Nigerian parents don’t want to receive a particular visitor, they will tell their children to tell the visitor that mummy or daddy is not around.

10. If you play with boys you will get pregnant

Some parents don’t like their daughters to be playing around with boys. So, they will tell them this lie to scare them away from boys.

Over to you, you can add your own lies in the comment section below. Please, share this post if you enjoyed it.

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