Top 10 Cheapest Countries For International Studies

There are much more countries to consider while planning for your foreign education. In this post, we will show you top 10 cheapest countries for international studies.

There are several factors to consider while making your choice of country for international studies. One might be hooked up with unfavorable choices if many things are not put into considerations.

This post acts as a mini guide to enable you get the best while planning on stiff spending plan and also as a guide while considering which entrance exam to take.

Top 10 cheapest countries for international studies

Below is list of top 10 cheapest countries for international studies;

1. Poland

This is an European country with the capital city situated at Warsaw. The city is the second best city on earth according to QS 2019 best student cities ranking.

The national language is Polish. The country assures you of good teachings and noted social event spot.

The cost for education is drastically reduced for those international students that can communicate in polish with an advanced level in polish.

So many English learning programs are available for the range of $1800 to $3200 per annum. The standard of living is somewhere between $580-$670 monthly.

2. France

The charges are almost the same for both French and foreign global students in undergraduate categories. The capital city of France is Paris, which has been classified as the understudy city of the world many times at a stretch.

Paris is also one of the most expensive hub due to its tourist attractions. Education in France mainly favours postgraduate studies.

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The cost of education for undergraduate studies which includes ace’s examinations is at the range of €180-€200 per annum; doctorate programs and dissertations is around €390-€400 per annum.

The average monthly standard of living is affordable. They also offers interesting courses for international students with tropical environmental conditions.


There are numerous number of colleges in Hungary with corresponding English projects. Five to six of the colleges are evenly distributed which makes it not confusing and also as a means of estimating the population.

The country has a rich social way of life and an affordable coat of living especially for basic items. It is one of the cheapest place to live in Europe.

The normal annual education is between $4500 -$5500,while the average living expenses is around $390-$510 monthly.

4. Taiwan

Taiwan is a country in east Asia. There are more than 110 English instructed courses in Taiwan’s nation’s colleges. The country is generally modest and affordable.

The standard of living is basically reasonable with decent quality of life and spending plan.

The Mandarin is also a language of instruction in the country. It is advisable to learn the Mandarin so as to be able to relate with other eastern Asian countries like Philippians or Hong Kong.

The cost for undergraduate education is somewhere between $2200 and $3100 with an average monthly spending of $480 to $620  monthly and other expenses at $2000 per annum.

5. Malaysia

This is one of the cheapest country to study around the globe. It affords one the least spending effort on living. Just few courses are expensive making it necessary for course considerations.

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They are numerous college branches from the world most famous institutions in Malaysia. This shows that you afford a moderate quality organization at a modest fee charge.

The standard of living is somewhere around $300-$600 per month. You can also pay $4000 at most as a  global student.

6. Thailand

This country is known for agriculture especially in area of swamp rice cultivation. It is also a well know hub for visitors.

Thailand is famous for understudies because of its policies on careful spending plan on education.

The average annual education cost for international students is around $3100 to $4200.


This a country in south east Asia . Vietnam offers a worldwide modest understudies and at also a reduced cost for basic items.

This country has world’s standard college with adequate studying atmosphere. It mostly offers tangible global understudies project in  giant urban localities like Hanoi. Excursions is also made available at ends of the week.

Vietnam is should also be held to heart whenever you are searching for visitor friendly nation.

The average cost for education is between the range of $980 and $2200 per annum. The cost for living is modest and at the range of $250-$450 monthly.

8. Argentina

Argentina is also a global hub for studies because of the expanding number of academics projects with minimal tuition fee.

The country also has a free high directives for both surrounding countries and worldwide understudies mainly in all it’s colleges.

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The living culture in Argentina is mainly carefree with interesting activities that will be interesting to you throughout out your stay.

The cost for basic items is generally modest. The price for normal basic items range of $300-$600 per month.

9. South Africa

This country is a good location for international studies. They have an entirely moderate cost for basic items. The coat of education in south Africa is also moderate with numerous number of colleges to chose from.

It  has a variety of social way of life and also the most advanced country in Africa.

This country is characterized with common features like sandy seashores and many tourist spot. It also a spot for relaxation with so many comforts.

The cost for normal education is around $1500-$3500 per annum. The range of basic expenses is somewhere around $500-$800 per Month.

10. Russia

This country is situated in eastern Europe and northern America from the gulf of Guinea. This country is in high demand for international studies.

Global students troop into Russia in large number on yearly basis because of the nature of its educational teachings. The colleges are reasonable with a moderate spending as regards to standard of living.

Cities like Moscow and Petersburg are mainly expensive because of economic activities going on in these places but other cities are modest.

The cost for normal education is around $4500 to $$6500 per year. The average coat for basic items is around $300-$600 monthly.

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