5 Steps To Study Abroad For Fresh Graduates

Are you a Nigerian and desire to leave the country to study abroad? If ‘yes’, you are on the right page. In this article, we will show you five (5) steps to study abroad as a fresh graduate. If you are not a Nigerian, you can find this post useful as it also covers all African countries.

We created this article to answer a question someone asked few days ago about studying abroad;

“Sir, I am a graduate, and I’ve completed my NYSC programme (2019). I saved up to N200,000, and I want to go for my Master’s Degree in Europe. Please, I want to know the process to get started. I have BSC in Computer Science (2nd Class Lower). Please, what are the steps to follow?”

We will answer the questions above and also give additional guide on how to study abroad for fresh graduates.

First, with N200,000, you cannot be able to pay your tuition fees and accommodation; if you there is no other plan to raise fund.

But if N200,000 ($480) is all you can afford, then I would rather advise you to seek for scholarship. Despite your second ‘class lower credit’, there are some international schools that can take you on scholarship.

However, if you think doing your Master’s abroad is a great option for you, that is great. Below are steps to follow.

5 steps to study abroad as a fresh graduate

Below are five (5) steps to study abroad as a fresh graduate;

1. Get a passport

The first thing to do is to grab your international passport from the immigration office in your country. International Passport is an official document that shows you are a citizen of a particular country.

The immigration office is usually in the state capital of every state in Nigeria. So find the closest immigration office and get your passport. Although, the cost might be little high.

2. Get the soft copy of your Academic Transcript and Certificate

You need to get your Certificate and Result Transcript from your Institution of graduation. See how to get educational transcripts for guidelines. Save the soft copies of those documents on your computer or phone.

3. Choose a country

Decide on which country you want to go for your studies. You can search the web to know which country will be best for your academic pursuit. It can be Germany, US, UK, Russia, etc.

4. Select a School and programme

After deciding your destination country. The next is to choose a school within the country and programme to study. On the internet, you can search for schools and their requirements. Most schools required a test on English language like GRE, TOEFL or IELTS. So, register and take the test.

5. Apply

After finding school that you meet its requirements, the next is to submit your application. The easiest way to apply is through their website.


If you get admission in any foreign school, you need to start processing your acceptance letter. You need the acceptance letter to apply for a visa. There are also thousands of scholarships available for international students, luckily not all of them require high CGPA.

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  1. Mudassir sunusi Umar

    I’m mudassir sunusi Umar a graduate from Kano state polytechnic, i studied HND in computer science and i graduated with first class so i want to know whether there is any country abroad that will give me direct master degree programme.

  2. Alo Opeyemi Olalekan

    Please sir I need those international school sites for scholarship
    if you can also help me with links

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