10 Countries Nigerians Can Visit Without Visa

Are you a Nigerian willing to visit another country for vacation but worried about not having visa(s)? Well, this post will show you ten (10) countries Nigerians can visit for vacation without having Visa.

There are some visa-free countries Nigerians can spend their holidays. Although, most person(s) aren’t aware of this, hence we deemed it necessary to write on it. Read also: Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in Africa

This will enable passport holders to make a better choice on where to spend their vacation without bothering about visa issue.

List of 10 Countries Nigerians Can Visit For Vacation Without Visas

1. Barbados

Barbados offers a six (6) months visa free vacation to anyone who wishes to visit the wonderful magical island. Its population is around Two hundred and eighty-four thousand (284,000).

2. Haiti

This is another nice country to spend your vacation, without needing a visa. Its population is approximately eleven million (11,000,000).

3. Cape Verde

This country is an island situated off the coast of West Africa. Its population is over five hundred thousand (500,000).

4. Dominica

This country offers a twenty-one (21) days visa free vacation to anyone who wishes to visit. It is known as the Nature island, having over seventy thousand (70,000) persons in terms of population.

5. Madagascar

It is also an island situated in the Indian Ocean, with a population of twenty-four million (24,000,000) people.

6. Seychelles

This is a wonderful nation situated off East Africa. Its population is over ninety-eight thousand three hundred and forty-seven (98,347).

7. Palau

This island has all it takes for a wonderful vacation. It houses over twenty thousand (20,000) people in terms of population.

8. Saint kitts

Saint kitts offers ninety (90) days visa-free vacation. Its population is about fifty-five thousand (55,000) people.

9. Maldives

Maldives is at Indian Ocean, as a dispersed nation. Its population is over four hundred and nine thousand (409,000). The country is fun filled, and recommended for vacation.

10. Fiji

Fiji offers a twenty-one (21) days visa free vacation to interested persons. The country has different attractions needed for a splendid holiday. Its population is around eight hundred and ninety-eight thousand seven hundred and sixty (898,760).

Source: Nyscinfo

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