How to Sign a Document with your Phone in 5 Steps

We want to show how you can sign documents using only your cell phones. We understand that some people are aware of this, but many more are not. So, if you’ve never heard of this concept before, this post can greatly interest you, so keep reading. We are not implying that you may set your phone on top of your hard copies of documents; no, that’s not what we implying! This article will show you how to sign a document with your phone in 5 steps.

We were referring to the soft copy of your documents, which you can sign by just using your cell phone. When some papers are delivered to you through email or other electronic means, soft copies of your documents may be sent to you. When you scan some of your hard copies of documents, soft copies of your documents may appear. Read how to apply for Romania visa in Nigeria.

So, in either of these cases, you might be tempted to print them out before signing them with your pen, but because they’re so similar, you can quickly sign them electronically without having to print them, and then send them wherever they’re needed.

Because we now live in a digital age, you don’t have to constantly stress about your life; life is growing easier regularly.

5 Steps to Follow to Sign a Document With Your Phone

Step 1: Get the application.

There may be more apps that can do the same thing, but I recommend downloading “SIGNply” from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Put Your Document Online

You’ll have to sign each paper one at a time. So, go ahead and open your application and upload the one you wish to sign first.

Step 3: Toggle the Pen

Look in the top right corner of the app for anything that looks like a pen, then click it to sign

Step 4: To Sign, Drag and Click

Click on the first circle labeled 1 in the above image, and the second circle labeled 2 will emerge. Drag the box to the location where you wish to sign your name.

Step 5: Sign the Document

After you’ve dragged and clicked on the signature box, you’ll be able to sign your paper. That concludes our discussion. You used your phone to sign your docs.

If you continue to have difficulty, please leave a remark so that I can better assist you.

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