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CBN Ties Loan Applicantion Portal For 2021/2022



CBN Ties Loan Applicantion: If you are an undergraduate in any Nigerian institution of higher education, then you need to pay attention to this important article. There are many loan opportunities in Nigeria but unfortunately, a lot of them are not focused on students, especially of the university, polytechnics and other institutions of higher learning in Nigeria.

As a people running this informative website, we have been there before, in the university, and we understand how difficult it could be for a Nigerian student in the Nigerian university to meet his ends, especially the obligatory tuition fees and other miscellaneous that, if you cannot pay, life becomes harder.

It is this experience that made us to dig deep to see if there could be a loan opportunity for tertiary institutions students in Nigeria, and we found one – TIES Loan.

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This article is about the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Nigerian universities and polytechnics, as well as a loan opportunity.

Now, what is CBN TIES?

You might wonder what TIES means, right? Well, that is understandable because you only know it as a word. But for us, TIES means Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme, otherwise called CBN TIES Loan, because it is a loan initiative designed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to assist Nigerian youths with funding for their entrepreneurial ideas instead of watching them continue with the search for white-collar jobs.

The CBN TIES loan will provide seamless access for Nigerian youths with entrepreneurship skills to a platform that will offer them affordable loan and grant. This, the CBN said, will become a tool for creating employment for many graduating from different institutions of higher education yearly.

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How to apply for CBN Ties Loan

Well, we will definitely furnish you with information on how you can apply or register for the CBN TIES loan on this website. For now, it is still at incubation stage, meaning that the initiative is still at a proposal level.

Thus, it is yet to be officially launched for its portal to be opened. Meanwhile, you can trust us to bring the news of the official launch and opening of the application portal right on this website.

Please, don’t attend to any message asking you to apply for the Central Bank of Nigeria TIES loan for now, because it is yet to be launched.

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