Empowering Higher Education In Africa 2021

The Empowering Higher Education In Africa is a scholarship program designed solely for uprising lecturers and researchers in Africa.

The scholarship is a Master’s course that will enable staff of African Universities to be upgraded with necessary skills in their discipline.

With this in place, young researchers and lecturers of the current generation will be well nurtured and deliver optimally in return.

Objectives of Empowering Higher Education In Africa Scholarship

The main objectives of the scholarship is in threefold. They are;

  1. To make the participant(s) knowledgeable about the worldwide challenges of sustainable improvements, and clarify the implications in Africa.
  2. Render tools meant to improve educational actions to participant(s), which they will transferred to their home universities.
  3. To boost the partnership of Italian universities and participants’ home universities.

Training Format

The major aim of the Master’s is to strengthen the transversal knowledge on issues with the 2030 and 2063 agenda.

Six (6) different modules will be concentrated on, during the course of the program. Read also: Edo Babes Are Fly Scholarship Program 2021

There will be group project work, of which participant(s) will apply what they are being thought in the different modules to carryout their research.

Eligibility for Empowering Higher Education In Africa Scholarship 2021

The criteria to be selected are;

  1. Bachelor’s degree or Master of Science related to the specializing master. Alongside transcript, a valid passport, CV, and candidate’s motivational letter.
  2. Support letter from the participant’s home university.
  3. Fulfilment of the admission steps, which can be found in the official webpage of the scholarship program.

How To Apply for Empowering Higher Education In Africa Scholarship 2021

Interested applicants are to click here to begin the application process.

A total number of thirty-five (35) applicants will be accepted to benefit from the scholarship program. So ensure you key into the application portal of Empowering Higher Education In Africa 2021.

Closing Date

The deadline for submission of application is on the 5th of September, 2021.

For more information regarding the scholarship program, visit the official webpage via https://www.masterafrica.polimi.it/

Source: Nyscinfo

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