Full Requirements for NYSC Online Registration

Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) frequently ask questions, and one of the most common queries this year is, “What are the NYSC online registration requirements?”

In this post, we will provide the answer to this question and also guide you on other essential aspects that will assist you during the registration process.

Guidelines for online registration

Your school will initiate the online registration by uploading your details on the NYSC portal (Senate List). Afterward, you will complete the registration by providing additional information that your institution cannot provide. Below are the official guidelines for NYSC registration:

  • DO NOT thumb-print by proxy: During online registration, do not allow anyone to thumb-print on your behalf. If the system is rejecting your finger, keep trying until you get it right. It will be a disaster if you let someone to thumb-print for you.
  • Uploade clear passport: make sure the passport photograph you upload is very clear with two ears visit. If your passport does not meet the nysc specification, it will be rejected few days after your registration. Don’t be a victim. Check out 👉 NYSC passport requirments.
  • DO NOT forget the e-Mail and Password: after your registration, do not forget the email address and password used. You will need it for subsequent login to your dashboard throughout your service year. It’s advisable to use something you cannot forget as your password.
  • Submit accurate information: Make sure all the information you submit to NYSC during online registration is accurate. You can apply for correction of spelling mistakes and rearrangement of names on your dashboard.
  • Cross-check your records before submission: Don’t just submit after filling the e-form, try to cross-check your data entries to avoid submitting wrong details that will affect you later.
  • Use colored printer: make sure you print your green card in colored with A4 paper after online registration.

NYSC online registration requirements

Below are the NYSC registration requirements:

1. Register on the NYSC official website: portal.nysc.org.ng.

2. Confirm your name on the NYSC Senate list portal; you can learn how to check senate list.

3. If it’s your first time registering, select “Registration for Mobilization.”

4. If you previously registered but didn’t complete the process, don’t create a new account. Click on the “Login Here” button, and log in with your email and password to resume where you left off.

5. If you registered online, printed your green card, but didn’t attend orientation camp, click on the “Re-validation” link to revalidate your registration.

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If you have any question, kindly use the comment section below.

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  1. Please When registering I filled 2015 as the year I entered school but on the green slip it shows 0.. What should I do.

  2. Good evening sir…please I want to ask this question..
    What about the students,Their name were in batch B senate list but they didn’t register that time…can they join the batch C or they should wait for their name to came out again in senate batchC ?

  3. what is the procedure to print call up letter online?(That is,how do I pay for the charge to be able to print my call up letter online?)


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