Documents Needed For NYSC Registration At Cyber Cafe

Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) would want to know the documents they need for NYSC registration at Cyber Cafe. In this article, we will show you all the documents needed for NYSC registration at Cyber Café.

During the NYSC online registration, there are two categories of people that will register:

  1. Foreign trained students, and
  2. Nigerian trained students.

So, the documents to be uploaded by these two categories of students during NYSC online registration are not the same.

Now, let’s show you the documents that you need for NYSC registration for the two categories of students as mentioned above.

Documents that you need for NYSC registration as a foreign trained students

Below are the documents that every foreign graduate should upload during online registration;

  1. International Passport
  2. Degree or HND Certificate (original)
  3. O’level results (original)
  4. Passport photograph
  5. Evaluation letter
  6. Resident permit to study in the foreign country
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Documents that you need for NYSC registration as a Nigerian students

The only documents Nigerian trained graduates need at Cyber Café for NYSC registration is a ‘Passport photograph’. This is because their institution of graduation has partially done the registration for them through (Senate List). So anyone whose name is not found on the Senate is automatically disqualified. See, how to check your name on the NYSC Senate list.

NYSC Documents for married women

Any married woman who desires to be posted to where her husband live, should upload the following documents;

  1. Marriage certificate,
  2. Newspaper change of name,
  3. Husband’s ID card,
  4. Utility bill,
  5. Husband’s domicile letter,
  6. Wedding pictures
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See full details of NYSC registration for married women.

NYSC Documents for those that are sick

If you are critically sick or disabled, please indicate that during your registration, and also upload a Medical Report. This will help NYSC know how to post you.

General things you should take to Cyber Cafe for NYSC Registration

Below is the list of things you should take along with you to the registration center. See accredited NYSC registration centers.

  1. All the documents you will upload as stated above,
  2. Biro: You will need this because you may need it to write something,
  3. Email Account: You need a Gmail account. Please, create one if you don’t have.
  4. ATM card: You will need ATM card to make payment to NYSC.
  5. Cash: Go with some cash to pay the Cyber Cafe owner,
  6. Your School Matriculation number and JAMB Reg number
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The above are all documents needed for NYSC registration. If you have any question, drop it in the comment section below.

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  1. The age on my waec is 1989 while the one on Jamb,birth certificate and all other credentials is 1990. Hope this won’t affect me cos I heard Nysc uses the date of birth on waec to mobilize

  2. How will I print my green card

  3. Pls help me out the name in my jamb are Anthony Gloria noma while in school it Anthony Gloria will that affect me or is there need to remove the last name in jamb office pls help out

    1. Don’t remove name in JAMB. Leave it that way or rather add the last name on your school document by going to your school.

  4. Can I use my phone to pay d 3k tru my ATM card pls

  5. Is it true that jamb regularization solves the problem of over aged?

    1. Yes, if JAMB agree to do that for you.

  6. Please,last time i was not mobilized but I opened an account and this time I am mobilize and I still open another account would this affects my registration?

  7. Please when is Batch A stream 2 gonna commence their orientation?Reason for this question is that i was told that i’m in stream 2 but the senate list of my institution has not been uploaded

    1. Chill, we will make post regarding that

  8. Will there be stream 2 for batch 2020

    1. Yes, there will be Stream 2

  9. How much do we pay to NYSC and what is the “evaluation letter”? Thanks

    1. Kpesu Israel Jesuminene

      No thumb print for the registration

  10. For US foreign student, what’s meaning of Evaluation? Is it the same as transcript?

  11. If you are having chest pain, how can you go about it

  12. Good afternoon sir, pls i registered as a married person during the registration but now am not willing to serve in that state again.
    Please is there any possibility for me to redeploy to any state of my choice again apart from the one i registered under?

  13. I was in batch b, but didn’t go for camping,I revalidated now I’m in batch c stream 1 but I want go for stream 2 please is that still possible what can I possibly do?

    1. Allow NYSC to choose for you

  14. If I intend going with batch C stream II, is it necessary for me to register now with stream I? Please respond Asap @ admin.

  15. Shun violence

  16. Please Humphrey, I have a question. After this batch C that will be going to camp on November, which other batch is going on January?

  17. Please I don’t have my original waec result?

  18. Your phone number and also if I wish to redeployed without medical report in camp
    What will I do

  19. Isah Jonathan Idris

    Sir, please regarding the evaluation letter is applicable to foreign student? What is the letter all about? Is the same as attestation letter? Am confuse please enlighten me about the evaluation letter Sir. Thank you for the good work.

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