Domicile letter for married Corpers – Everything you need to know

NYSC management requires that every married female Prospective Corps Members (PCM) who needs concessional deployment to produce their husbands’ domicile letters among other documents. *See other documents required from married Corpers*

What is a Domicile Letter?

A domicile letter is a letter gotten from your Local Government Council which officially certifies and confirms your residential address. Therefore, a Domicile letter that NYSC requires from married Corpers is to be obtained from the Local Government where their husbands reside.

Why Does NYSC Need Domicile Letter from Married Corpers?

The NYSC management understands very well that women are owned by their husbands; and keeping distance from couples has the potential to ruin the marriage, so as to encourage married female Corpers to stay close to their husbands, the management gives every married female Corpers the opportunity to serve in the state, town and area where their husbands reside under what it is called “Concessional deployment”.

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So, in order to ascertain the exact place their husbands reside, the management mandated every married female Corpers seeking to serve from their husbands room to produce the husband’ domicile letters.

The domicile letter is to be uploaded during online registration as a prove of the husband’ residential address, so as to enable the NYSC management to post them the very place where their husbands reside.

How to get domicile letter for NYSC concessional deployment

Getting a domicile letter isn’t difficult as most people think. It is very simple, and I am here to show you how to get it.

To get it, go to local government where your husband reside, and tell them you need domicile letter for your husband.

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I advise you go together with your husband or ask your husband to go and get it because there are some information they would want to get from your husband which you may not know.

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I would have stated the information here but it varies from one local governments to another. So, in order not to confuse you, go the local govt where your husband reside to as for domicile letter requirements.

Important Tips You Need Married Corpers

1. Do not forge a Domicile letter because verifying the authenticity is very easy for NYSC. It would ruin concessional deployment opportunity.

2. Ask your husband to go and get his domicile letter for you or go with him.

4. Get the domicile letter where you husband currently reside because the reason NYSC ask for it is to post you exactly where your husband reside.

5. Upload the Domicile letter during NYSC online registration, and take the uploaded copy to orientation camp.

4. If NYSC did not deploy you to where your husband reside, you can still apply for redeployment on marital ground when you get to NYSC orientation camp.

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5. Always use correct information or if you are lying be consistent in your lies. Because variance in information you supply to NYSC can ruin this concessional deployment opportunity.

6. Check out other documents which are required from married female Corpers.

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Updated: April 11, 2019 — 5:22 pm

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  1. hello, I got Married this year but my question is without my husband domicile letter,wont I b posted to his place of residence? Secondly when registering online for Nysc, am I to use my new name or the former since the name uploaed in the Senate list is my former name?

    1. You need domicile letter to be posted to where your husband live

  2. Hello my husband said he don’t want me to do change of name pls will nysc post me to where my husband reside or not because of that?

    1. Yes, but you need to obtain change of name newspaper publication

  3. Please i registered for service last batch, but was posted to katsina,so i couldn’t go cus of my condition den, i uploaded all d documents required as a married woman but didn’t include my husband domicile letter den.please how do i go about it if i want to revalidate?

  4. Hi,I got married dis year at ikoyi but my husband is nt a Nigeria base. How am I to go abt it if I wnt to serve in lagos.

    1. If you can prove to NYSC that your husband reside in Lagos, they will post you to Lagos.

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