NYSC Registration Requirements For Married Women

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) allows married Prospective Corps Members to serve VERY CLOSE to where their husbands reside under ‘concessional deployment provision’ meaning that married women can now be posted to the same Local Govt where their husbands live unlike unmarried that can be posted to places very far from home i.e. from Enugu to Sokoto.

In this article, I am going to be showing you everything that you need to know about NYSC online registration for married women, so that you may get the juicy concessional deployment.

If you are a married female Prospective Corps Members (PCM), and you are reading this article, just know that you have finally landed on the right page. This article was specially written for you guys, and it’s going to answer all your questions concerning NYSC registration for married women.

For married men, I am sorry to say that ‘there is no spacial provision for you guys’ as of now. I believe that NYSC understands the scripture which says “Do not separate what God has joined together”, so I hope with time, NYSC will do something concerning married men so that the equation will balance.

I thank the management for giving married women the opportunity to be posted close to their husbands, while I use this same opportunity to ask them to balance the equation by also considering married men.


The act of NYSC posting a married woman to where her husband resides is called, “Concessional deployment”

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Concessional deployment allows you as a married woman to serve in the state, city, local govt or even town where your husband reside. As you can see, married women are highly favored by NYSC, but they ought to strictly adhere to all the requirements for concessional deployment as mentioned on this page, otherwise, they will be posted as singles.

I know some singles will be jealous, anyway you better not be… because there are still more to enjoy as singles such as, “oringo”. Lolz!

So, even as a married woman, there are still things that could make NYSC not to post you where your husband reside. Just calm down, we will show you all that.

4 things that could make NYSC not to post you where your husband reside

  1. If you do not indicate your marital status as ‘married’ during online registration.
  2. If you select ‘Miss’ instead of ‘Mrs’ as your title during online registration
  3. If you have incomplete marriage documents to prove that your are married.
  4. If you upload one document in place of another. i.e uploading your husband’s ID in place of Marriage certificate.
  5. If you upload unclear scanned documents.

Alright, before I show you all the documents required from married women to upload during NYSC registration for concessional deployment, I’d like you to quickly check your name on the NYSC Senate List, because that is the NYSC basic requirement for both married and singles. Also, check your name on the JAMB matriculation list because it is very important as well. So, after confirming your name on those list, you can come back to this page, and then proceed to the main gist. Or proceed to the main gist, after you go back to check your name on those list.

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Note: Only married women who are legally married to their husbands are entitled to concessional deployment. Staying with a man after paying your dowry is not the same as being legally married. However, if you can produce all the documents stated below, then you are good to go.

NYSC required documents for married women

If you can produce all the documents stated below, NYSC will grant you concessional deployment; that is, posting you to where your husband reside.

  1. Marriage Certificate,
  2. Evidence of Change of name (newspaper),
  3. Husbands’ Domicile Letter: See how to get it.
  4. Husband’s ID card. (Any of the following; Driving License, National ID Card, Voter’s Card, International Passport)
  5. Utility Bill (any of the following; electricity bill, waste bill, water bill, telecoms bill, Tv subscription bill etc)
  6. Wedding pictures.

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All the documents stated above are to be uploaded where applicable on the NYSC portal during online registration. Once confirmed to be genuine by the NYSC management, you will surely be posted to where your husband reside. If by mistake, NYSC posts you to a place far from your husband residence, that is still not final! There is another opportunity given to every married woman in the Orientation camp to apply for redeployment based on marital ground. All you have to do as a married woman is to go to camp with all the documents as stated above, and apply for redeployment from camp on Marital ground.

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Note: Even if NYSC grant you a concessional deployment to where you husband reside, right after registering online, you still need to report to the NYSC Orientation camp with all the uploaded documents, just in case.

For Pregnant women and Nursing mothers

All pregnant or nursing mothers should note that they will not be allowed to lodge in the NYSC camp like others. There is no accommodation for them because NYSC camp is not ideal for pregnant women or Nursing mothers.

The will all be asked to lodge off-camp, and will be coming to camp for registration and documents. Immediately after their registration and documentation, they would be asked to go home and wait till camp closing date, on the day camp will close, they are to report to camp and collect their posting letters to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Attention! Attention!! Attention!!!

Present fake document in the NYSC camp at your own peril. It can lead to decamping or prosecution as the case maybe.

Updated: May 30, 2019 — 4:29 pm

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  1. Enweluzor ujuamaka

    Is there any specific newspaper for the Chang of name?

    1. No. Any newspaper can serve

  2. Please i did not register as a married woman online because then I was not legally married. But now am legally married and also pregnant. Should I do the same thing as the pregnant women

    1. Since you did not register as married woman. Go to camp with marriage evidence, and apply for redeployment base on marital ground. NYSC will surely redeploy you to where your husband reside.

  3. For married women who are neither pregnant nor nursing a child, must they lodge in the NYSC camp? Are they permitted to lodge off-camp(i.e come from their various homes for the registration and report to the camp on the closing day to collect their posting letters)if they choose to?

    1. Yes, they must lodge

  4. Pls is domicile letter the same as letter of resident thanks

    1. I think they are the same!

  5. We use prepaid, is there no other thing to replace utility bill, must I upload utility bill?

    1. That is not a problem, visit any utility provider and request a bill transfer. Then, provide the company with proof of your identity, such as your driving license, National ID and proof of your billing address, such as your lease (tenant) agreement.

  6. What if I don’t have white wedding pictures but I have traditional wedding pictures and other requirements, will be a problem.

    1. No, problem. Submit the one you have

  7. Hello! Thanks for the write up once again! Please what type of marriage certificate is acceptable by NYSC? The one I have was issued by a religious body. Can that be used as a married woman for concessional posting? Thanks!

    1. Yes, provided you have evidence of such marriage.
      You must have a marriage certificate

  8. Thanks for the great write up. My husband has just been transfered to another state, after I had been posted to the state where he was initially working and residing in. Is it possible for me to still redeploy to the new state he has just been transfered to?? Thanks!

    1. You can apply for redeployment on marital ground. Make sure you get domicile letter, utility bill from the current state your husband resides. To apply, go to the NYSC state secretariat where you are serving or apply online.

      1. I didn’t change my name, do I have to provide evidence of change of name

        1. Yes, that is one of the requirements. If you need concessional deployment you have to change your surname to that of your husband

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