NYSC Registration Requirements For Married Women

TOPIC: NYSC registration requirements for married women – Deployment & Redeployment.

Nysc requirements for married women

Do you know that NYSC allows married female corps members to serve where their husbands live? It’s called ‘concessional deployment.

In this article, I’ll show you the NYSC registration requirements for married women to serve where their husbands live.

Married women can now be posted to the same Local Govt or community where their husbands live unlike unmarried.

So, I will show you everything you need to know about NYSC posting and registration requirments for married Corpers.

I know as a married woman, you would like to serve where your husband is living. Keep reading this post if you want to get NYSC posting to wherever your husband live.

This article will also answer all questions concerning NYSC registration for married women.

For married men, I am sorry to say ‘there is no spacial provision for you guys’. I hope NYSC will do something about it.

However, I must thank the NYSC management for giving married women the opportunity to serve where their husbands live. And I use this opportunity to ask NYSC to also consider married men.

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NYSC Registration requirements for married women

The act of NYSC posting a married woman to where her husband stays is called, “concessional deployment”. Please take note of that!

Concessional deployment allows you as a married woman to serve in the same state, city, local govt or even town that your husband reside.

As a married woman, you should strictly adhere to the requirements on this page. Otherwise, NYSC will post you as a single.

I know some singles are jealous, but they should not be, because as a single there is more to enjoy such oringo, runz, slay and so on. Funny right?

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As a married woman, if you are not careful, NYSC will not post you to where your husband live.

Four (4) things that could make NYSC not to post you where your husband live

  1. If you do not indicate your marital status as ‘married’ during online registration;
  2. Do not select ‘Miss’ instead of ‘Mrs’ as your title during online registration;
  3. If you have incomplete marriage documents to prove that your are married.
  4. Do not upload a document in place of another. i.e uploading your husband’s ID in place of Marriage certificate.
  5. If you upload documents that are not very clear. Please, use a good scanner device.

Before we proceed, you can check your name on the NYSC Senate List, because it’s the NYSC basic requirements. You can also, check your name on the JAMB matriculation list.

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Note: Only married women who are legally married to their husbands are entitled to concessional deployment.

Staying with a man after paying your dowry is not the same as being legally married. However, if you can produce all the documents stated below, then you are good to go.

The NYSC registration requirements for married women

If you can produce all the documents stated below, NYSC will grant you concessional deployment – posting you to where your husband reside;M

  1. Evidence of Marriage/Affidavit: You must present an evidence of marriage certificate;

  2. Evidence of state of residence of husband/domicile letter: You can get this from the local government where your husband is presently living, Click here to see how to go about it;

  3. Evidence of change of name: Any newspaper publication that shown you have changed your name to that of your husband can serve.

  4. Husband’s Id card: This can be your husband’s driving license, national Id card, voters’ card or international passport;

  5. Letter from employer/Utility bills: It can be any of the following; electricity bill, waste bill, water bill, telecoms bill, Tv subscription bill, and so on;

  6. Wedding pictures: You need to upload a wedding picture of you, your husband and other relations.

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All the documents stated above are to be uploaded where applicable on the NYSC portal during online registration.

Once confirmed to be genuine by the NYSC management, you will surely be posted to where your husband reside.

If by mistake, NYSC posts you to a place far from your husband residence, that is still not final!

There is another opportunity given to every married woman in the Orientation camp to apply for redeployment based on marital ground.

All you have to do as a married woman is to go to camp with all the documents as stated above, and apply for redeployment from camp on Marital ground.

Note: If NYSC grant you a concessional deployment to where you husband live, after registering online. It’s advisable to report to the NYSC Orientation camp with all the uploaded documents, just incase.

For Pregnant women and Nursing mothers

All pregnant or nursing mothers should note that they will not be allowed to lodge in the NYSC camp like others.

There is no accommodation for them because NYSC camp is not ideal for pregnant women or Nursing mothers.

They will lodge off-camp, and from there they will go for registration and documents in camp.

After their registration and documentation in camp, they will till camp closing date. On the day camp will close, they are to report to camp and collect their posting letters to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).


Present fake document in the NYSC camp at your own peril. It can lead to decamping or prosecution as the case maybe.

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