JAMB Matriculation List Portal for NYSC Mobilization

Are you a graduate of a tertiary institution in Nigeria eagerly awaiting NYSC mobilization? Welcome to our guide on the process of checking the JAMB matriculation list, a vital step ensuring your eligibility for a seamless NYSC journey.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the JAMB Matriculation List, its significance, and the steps to verify your name.

It is imperative to understand that if your name is not on the JAMB matriculation list, JAMB does not recognize or approve your admission, rendering you ineligible for NYSC.

Please note that if your name is not on the JAMB matriculation list, it means that JAMB does NOT recognize or approve your admission, therefore, you are not eligible for NYSC.

What is the JAMB Matriculation List?

The JAMB Matriculation List is a consolidated record of students who secured admission to tertiary institutions through JAMB, as mandated by Nigerian laws. Given that JAMB is the sole legal means of obtaining admission to higher institutions in Nigeria, inclusion in this list is a prerequisite for NYSC eligibility.

If your name is absent from this list, your admission is deemed unauthorized, and NYSC will not accept your application. Now, let’s delve into why it’s imperative for your name to be on this list.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) collaborates with NYSC to combat counterfeit graduates. Your admission remains unrecognized by JAMB if your name isn’t on their list.

This means your NYSC application will be declined, and you won’t be acknowledged as a graduate. Please note that Foreign-trained graduates are exempt from this requirement, but it’s vital for local trained graduates to meet this criterion. Foreign-trained Graduates can check registration requirements for foreign trained graduates.

How to Check Your Name on JAMB Matriculation List

To verify your status on the JAMB Matriculation List, follow these steps:

1. Visit the JAMB portal at https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility/

2. Choose your examination year.

3. Enter your JAMB Registration number.

4. Click “Fetch My Details.”

If your name appears on the JAMB Matriculation List, your status will be displayed as “Congratulations, you are on the Matriculation List.” However, don’t worry if your name is missing; we have a solution.

Also, Keep in mind that the JAMB matriculation list is different from the NYSC Senate list, therefore you need to verify your name on the JAMB portal for NYSC  mobilization.

How to Add Your Name to JAMB Matriculation List

If your name is not on the matriculation list, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Visit the JAMB website (e-facility platform).
  • Print your JAMB result slip and JAMB admission letter.
  • After printing these documents, allow some time for your name to be automatically added to the JAMB matriculation list.
  • Submit a copy of your JAMB admission letter to your institution if you haven’t done so.

Alternative Solution for Admission Not Directly Through JAMB

If you didn’t gain admission directly through JAMB, and you don’t have a JAMB result, an alternative solution is available: JAMB Regularization. This process will address your situation. For more details on JAMB Regularization, please see our dedicated guide. Feel free to ask questions or share your success stories in the comments section.


The JAMB Matriculation List plays an important role in ensuring a successful NYSC mobilization process. By confirming their names on the matriculation list, prospective corps members can validate their eligibility for participation in the National Youth Service Corps program.

This verification step helps to prevent cases of impersonation, fraud, or inappropriate enrollment, ensuring that only qualified individuals are mobilized for national service.

It is imperative for students to proactively check their names on the JAMB Matriculation List well in advance of the NYSC mobilization exercise. By adhering to this important requirement, aspiring corps members can secure their chances of participating in the NYSC program and embark on a meaningful journey of personal and national development.

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  1. Please my name is still not showing on the matriculation list after i have done my regularization since august 2021, What do i need to do for my name to be on the matriculation list?

  2. My name is on the matriculation list but it’s three name instead of two that I used in school,will it affect my NYSC mobilization?

  3. I wrote Jamb in 2015, I applied for Hospitality and Tourism mgt in federal poly Oko. I was offered the course by jamb in the same institution. After my National diploma, it happens that the course I studied ( hospitality mgt. and Tourism) doesn’t have HND in fed. Poly Oko so I switched to Home and rural Economics in same school. Where I am confused is, I don’t know if I need to do jamb regularization or not. I checked my reg number on Jamb portal, my name was showing, the hospitality mgt they offered me in ND was also showing but the status says You are Not on the Matriculation List, Kindly Print your Admission Letter Online.

    Do I need to do jamb regularization?? Recall that that I didn’t a different course in ND but in same school

  4. Ukoro Ikechukwu Francis

    Good morning, please I did change of course, from marketing to English language and literature as a result of deficiency in one of my subjects ( Economics) and up till now jamb has not approved it for me . Pleas help me I want to follow this coming batch

  5. Good morning… My name is on jamb matriculation list… Buh on the nysc senate list it’s showing cannot register has not been matriculated.. What can I do?

  6. Good day. Jamb gave me admission but below is showing that my name isn’t on the matriculation list, what could be the problem and what’s the way out, what do I do??

  7. Good morning I have done my jamb regularization and my school have submitted the signed indemnity form to jamb office Kaduna. But still yet I have not received my jamb admission letter. What should I do please. And my name is still not on jamb list.

  8. Plz my name is on the Senate list but it’s showing not matriculated…..and I got admission through jamb…plz wat should I do

  9. Please how do I get my jamb reg no after doing my regularization, I tried checking my admission status but there is a space for jamb reg no of wish I don’t have

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