JAMB Matriculation List For NYSC Mobilization in 2021

It’s important for every perspective corps member to verify/check their names on JAMB matriculation list for NYSC mobilization in 2021? Here we will guide you on how to check your name on JAMB matriculation list.

National youth service Corps - NYSCAfter graduating from tertiary institution, next is to go for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). However, one thing that could stop you from going for NYSC is ‘JAMB Matriculation list’ (if your name is not on the list).

To be on the safe side, we will take you through the step-by-step procedures to check if your name is on the JAMB matriculation list. Also,l you will learn how to add your name to the matriculation list if your name is not found there.

What is JAMB matriculation list?

This is a list of students who gained admissions into tertiary institutions through JAMB as mandated by Nigerian constitution. According to the Nigerian constitution, the only way to be genuinely admitted into tertiary institution in Nigeria is through JAMB.

So, if your name is not on the JAMB list, it means that your admission is illegal, and as such, NYSC will not accept your application.

To make checking of names on matriculation list easier, JAMB launched an online portal where students of various Institutions can easily check their names.

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Why is it necessary for your name to be on the matriculation list?

JAMB will never recognize your admission unless your name is on their list.

The implication if your name is not found on the Matriculation list:

Since JAMB collaborate with NYSC to fight fake graduates. Your application to NYSC will be declined, and your name will fall into an error list.

In other words, you’ll not be able to go for NYSC, and you’ll not get exemption or exclusion letter either, because JAMB does not recognize you as a graduate.

Note: Foreign trained graduates are not affected. They can check registration requirements for foreign trained graduates.

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How to check your name on JAMB matriculation list

How to check jamb Matriculation list for nysc mobilization

Below is how to check/verify your name on the JAMB list;

  1. Go to JAMB portal at https://jamb.org.ng/efacility_//CheckMatriculationList
  2. Select your examination year
  3. Enter your JAMB Registration number where it is required
  4. Click on “Fetch My Details”.

Once click on “Fetch My Details” button, your personal details will show up on the portal with your “Status”. See the picture below;

If your name is on the JAMB matriculation list, your status will read as “Congratulations, you are on the Matriculation List”.

But if your name is not on the JAMB list, do not panic! There is a way to sort it out. Keep reading!

How to add your name to JAMB Matriculation list

If your name is not on the matriculation list after checking using the procedures given above, then follow the procedures below to sort it out;

  1. Go to JAMB website (e-facility platform),
  2. Print your JAMB result slip and JAMB admission letter,
  3. After printing the documents above, give it some times your name will be automatically added on JAMB matriculation list.
  4. Submit a copy of your JAMB admission letter to your institution if you did not submit it during your 100l admission clearance.
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Note: If you did not get admission directly from JAMB, that means printing your JAMB result slip cannot help you; if at all you write JAMB exam. But don’t worry, even if you don’t write JAMB there’s still a way out.

So, if you don’t have JAMB result or if your admission is not direct from JAMB, what you should do is called, JAMB Regularization. JAMB Regularization will sort it out.

Please, Click Here to see how to do JAMB Regularization.

You can ask question or share your success stories by using the comment section below.


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  1. I wrote Jamb in 2015, I applied for Hospitality and Tourism mgt in federal poly Oko. I was offered the course by jamb in the same institution. After my National diploma, it happens that the course I studied ( hospitality mgt. and Tourism) doesn’t have HND in fed. Poly Oko so I switched to Home and rural Economics in same school. Where I am confused is, I don’t know if I need to do jamb regularization or not. I checked my reg number on Jamb portal, my name was showing, the hospitality mgt they offered me in ND was also showing but the status says You are Not on the Matriculation List, Kindly Print your Admission Letter Online.

    Do I need to do jamb regularization?? Recall that that I didn’t a different course in ND but in same school

  2. Ukoro Ikechukwu Francis

    Good morning, please I did change of course, from marketing to English language and literature as a result of deficiency in one of my subjects ( Economics) and up till now jamb has not approved it for me . Pleas help me I want to follow this coming batch

  3. Good morning… My name is on jamb matriculation list… Buh on the nysc senate list it’s showing cannot register has not been matriculated.. What can I do?

  4. Good day. Jamb gave me admission but below is showing that my name isn’t on the matriculation list, what could be the problem and what’s the way out, what do I do??

  5. Good morning I have done my jamb regularization and my school have submitted the signed indemnity form to jamb office Kaduna. But still yet I have not received my jamb admission letter. What should I do please. And my name is still not on jamb list.

  6. Raheem Jumoke Nafisat

    Want to check my name on senate list

  7. Plz my name is on the Senate list but it’s showing not matriculated…..and I got admission through jamb…plz wat should I do

  8. Please how do I get my jamb reg no after doing my regularization, I tried checking my admission status but there is a space for jamb reg no of wish I don’t have

  9. Pls is there going to be stream 2 in this 2020 batch A

  10. I have printed my admission letter and original jamb results and when I went for nysc registration,I saw something like this,has not been matriculated cannot register.what does this mean and can it be retify

  11. oroyinyin sekinat ayomide

    pls my name is on d matriculation list but it is not on d Senate and graduation lost either

  12. I’ve did Jamb regularization and have submitted to the school officer in charge yet I’ve not been giving admission by jamb and NYSC registration has started. pls what should I do?…

    1. Nothing to do bro, maybe you will join Stream 2

  13. How can I check my name on the Senate list

  14. I have printed the jamb admission letter and the result slip from my between my 100 and 200 level days but my name is not on the matriculation list..why?. Cant jamb regularize such for me.. nysc registration has commenced

  15. Please is jamb matriculation list different from jamb graduation list?

    1. There is nothing like “JAMB graduation list”
      We have JAMB Matriculation list and NYSC graduation list and the two are different. Thank you

  16. My name is not on the jamb list. What should I do?

    1. Print your Jamb admission letter and result slip from jamb website


    Hi good morning, plz I hv tried paying to print my Jamb admission letter via my ATM but is not working, and kept trying it, luckily for me, I logging in to my Jamb profile I find out that I hv already generated 5 to 6 transactions that are whose payment are still pending, plz hw can I terminate the transaction. Thanks

  18. pls I did jamb regularization September 2019 due to a change of course and submitted to my school but am yet to receive a response to go and print my admission letter what do I do

  19. Please I did my jamb regularization and i submitted the printout to my school, but I have not receive any massage from jamb what should I do.

    1. Pls av done d regulazation stuff cos d course I did in skul is Nt d 1 jamb gave MI n av submit copies 2 my skul n yet av Nt gotten any email frm jamb n Nysc registration is on.

    2. Same issue am having, did my regularization on the 18th of last month, submitted the printout to school but am yet to get my pin.

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