Difference Between NYSC Remobilization and Revalidation

– Difference between NYSC Remobilization and Revalidation.

In this post, I will explain what NYSC Remobilization and Revalidation means, and also give you the difference between the two.

What is NYSC Remobilization?

NYSC Remobilization is an online registration for those who are decamped or absconded from service for one reason or the other.


If JOSEPH did NYSC online registration with previous batch, printed his call-up letter and was full registered in the NYSC camp. But at a time Joseph could not continue with his service because of illness, decamped or just absconded from service. If that is the case, then Joseph needs NYSC Remobilization to start his service all over again.

NOTE: Those that need Remobilization are those that must have gone to the NYSC orientation camp but could not continue to serve.

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What is NYSC Revalidation?

Revalidation is an online registration for those who duly registered online for NYSC with previous batch. But did not go to the NYSC orientation camp because of one reason or the other.


If JOSEPH registered for NYSC with previous batch but he did not go to NYSC orientation camp, then he needs Revalidation.

The Difference between NYSC Remobilization & Revalidation

With the two definitions above, you must have been cleared.

Below are different between NYSC Remobilization and Revalidation;

  • Remobilization is for those who have gone to the NYSC orientation camp and registered in camp but later absconded from service.
  • Revalidation is only for those who registered online but did not go for service.
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Revalidation is done at the same time with fresh online registration.

What is NYSC online registration?

The NYSC online registration is a registration done at the NYSC official portal (www.portal.nysc.org.ng).

Every Prospective Corps member whose name are on the NYSC Senate List are expected to register at the NYSC portal.

NYSC online registration opens whenever there is active registration for new Batch.

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Updated: September 14, 2019 — 7:26 pm

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  1. I’ve been mobilized before but didn’t go because of some challenges, I’ve revalidated and chosen my previous state of deployment among the four states.

    Will I be given the previous state of deployment or it will change, need help bro

    1. The choice is left for NYSC to make


    What of those who are exempted from the service but need to do it.

  3. I registered for batch b stream 1 but didnt go to camp, now l want to go with batch c stream 2 should l revalidate

  4. Hello sir
    Am a partime graduate. I have went to my school for mobilization for the 2019 bactch c.but I can’t still find my name on the senate list..I need NYSC emeption letter what can I do

    1. Maybe you school has not uploaded their Senate List. CIick Here to see see how to process your exemption letter

  5. I noticed that I was supposed to register wit batch B but I didn’t. if am to register now, will I reg. as a fresh Pcm or click on revalidation??


    1. You will register as a fresh PCM

  6. The registered for the previous batch but due to some reasons I couldn’t go to camp. I understand I have to revalidation. But does revalidation mean that I’d have to pay another fee for registration? Do I get the chance to select another states of choice besides the one I previously selected?

    1. There is a chance to select another 4 states. No need to pay if you have paid before

      1. Clarified.. Thank you sir..

  7. I, ugo has not registered before, I was only in the Senate list @ 2017 , but couldn’t register coz I had something doing, now am ready, can I register too.

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