How to Apply for NYSC Revalidation

Did you fail to report at the NYSC orientation camp, or were you posted to service but did not show up at the camp? If the answer is ‘yes,’ you can revalidate and serve with the next batch. In this post, we will show you how to apply for NYSC revalidation on the revalidation portal.

This means that those who failed to report at the NYSC camp for various reasons and wish to participate in the service again can still have the opportunity to do so. All you need to do is complete the “revalidation” process. Keep reading for easy and clear steps on how to process your revalidation.

Before we proceed, keep in mind that NYSC revalidation is different from Re-mobilization. You may like to check the difference between NYSC remobilization and revalidation for a clear understanding.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Revalidation process is an essential procedure that allows Nigerian graduates who were previously unable to participate in the National Youth Service Corps program or have had their service interrupted to rectify their status and rejoin the service. NYSC revalidation offers a second chance for those who missed their initial mobilization or experienced disruptions during their service period.

This guide aims to provide a step-by-step overview of the NYSC revalidation process, equipping aspiring participants with the necessary information to navigate through the application successfully.

Whether you had your service delayed due to personal reasons, academic pursuits, or any other unavoidable circumstances, understanding the revalidation process is crucial to rejoining the program and enjoying its numerous benefits.

Throughout this guide, we will outline the key requirements, steps, and important considerations that applicants need to be aware of when applying for NYSC revalidation.

From gathering the necessary documents to completing the online application and attending the verification exercise, we will cover all the fundamental aspects that will help you successfully complete the revalidation process.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to revalidate your NYSC participation, this guide will serve as your compass, providing clear directions and valuable insights. You may like how to defer your NYSC posting to next batch.

How to Apply for NYSC Revalidation

Follow the steps below;

1. Go to the NYSC revalidation portal at

2. Click on “Revalidation” link.

3. Login with the email and password that you used for registration in the previous batch.

4. Finally, click SUBMIT and print out your slip.

Once completed the process above, automatic revalidation will be processed for you.

Note: they might ask you to make another payment and choose another States of deployment.


Applying for NYSC revalidation is a straightforward process that ensures the continuation of your National Youth Service Corps program. By following the necessary steps and providing the required documents, you can successfully revalidate your NYSC registration and continue your service year without any hindrances.

Remember to stay informed about the revalidation period and deadlines, as well as any updates or changes made by the NYSC management. Utilize the online portal and adhere to the guidelines provided to avoid any delays or complications.

The NYSC revalidation process serves as an opportunity for graduates who missed their initial service year to fulfill their national service obligation and contribute to the development of the nation. Take advantage of this chance to complete your NYSC program and gain valuable experiences and skills that will shape your future endeavors. Embrace the spirit of service and make the most out of your time with the NYSC, as it offers a unique platform for personal growth, cultural exchange, and national unity.


  1. And please sir I want to ask if my call up number will change if I have been revalidated or I will still be using the same call up number?

  2. Good morning sir, please I did the revalidation yesterday,but it is taking me back to my dashboard and showing me the same green card,it is successful or is there something wrong?

  3. Pls I really need help, I was supposed to go for service with batch a2 but couldn’t. Now I want to revalidate but revalidation is not showing on my dashboard. So what I do?

  4. I was supposed to go to camp in May but I couldn’t meet up, now I want to do revalidation in June but it keeps saying registration is closed. What do I do?.

  5. Please this exemption letter, can someone that graduation in 2020 and the person was 30years by then still go to NYSC?

  6. i was mobilized in Batch A stream 2 2020, due to some challenge i was not able to register, please i need to know When next will i be mobilize.thanks

  7. Good morning, I was called up for nysc service but couldn’t attend camping then and now I’ve been revalidated but I want to apply for exemption. Pls how do I go about it?

  8. Good afternoon sir ,I was deployed to batch b stream1b but I don’t want to go due to health issues can I revalidate by next batch I mean batch A 2021

  9. Pls sir, I was meant to go with batch b stream ia but i didn’t,opted to join stream in for some personal reasons, i was able to print call up later but it still bears the date for stream ia, what do I do?

  10. Pls sir i was deployed with this stream 1a but i couldn’t go,and now i want to revalidate,but when i login my dashboard is not showing me revalidation so what am i going to do pls

  11. I couldn’t go to camp since 2015 because of DOB wahala so I got a mail to revalidate and I did by supplying by e-verification PIN to confirm my DOB. Having done that, I have no see anything…

  12. Please, I registered for Service last year but NYSC made a mistake and as a result, I was issued exemption letter. My school sent them a letter on the error and it was ratified this month. NYSC sent a message to my mail that they had revalidate me. I’m through with the registration waiting for call up. But if I defer it for next batch, can I revalidate

  13. Please sir after revalidation i was not asked to pay money and i could’t print my green card

  14. PLS Sir. I can’t find my call up letter on my dashboard anymore tho I didn’t not go with the stream 1 and I didn’t revalidate. What should I do

  15. pls sir my name was in batch a nd i did my registration but couldnt go to camp due to my health nd i am ready to follow batch a stream2 and hv done revalidation,my dashbord is showning me that you ar not in this batch,you will be notify when to print out ur call up latter….hw can i no that my revalidation was successful..pls i need help

  16. Pls I was exempted during my registration in this batch A stream 2, the date of birth on my neco result is 1994 also my school bio-data is 1994 but my jamb is 1988 and that was a mistake, HV already go to nysc office to complain but they were on holiday till further notice due to corona virus, pls is there hope for me to still go to service without collecting the exemption later because the mistake is from my jamb dob and is not my real age, pls I need urgent reply thanks

  17. Good day boss, hope there is no penalty for the person that went for revalidation in another stream of the same batch, because I heard we should leave it ,dat wen the call up letter comes out we wud print another one, though ,wen I resume my details in revalidation, it’s still showing my present status for stream 1.
    Pls enlighten me on this sir

  18. Will I need to do a new finger print capture while revalidating for batch B, since I didn’t report at the camp with batch A

  19. After revalidation and a person fail to report to orientation camp what step will nysc take or are they going to issue an exemption letter.

  20. After pressing revalidation and logging in,i still see my previous call-up-letters and numbers…no other details
    What’s the matter? And can someone be revalidated automatically?

  21. Good evening. I registered with batch A stream 1 but I didn’t see my call up letter when others r printing there’s,bit I just see it today Dat I am to report to camp 10/03/2020 which is last week Tuesday. Now Dat d problem is from them not me…iif I report to d camp tomorrow will d still accept me? Tnx

  22. please my name is on the senate list but I won’t be registering with batch A stream II, so I want to know if I need to register manually again for batch B in my school or my name will still be in NYSC senate list and if its still there will I register as PCM or I will revalidate

  23. I registered for batch A 2020 stream 1 but didn’t show up at the camp,
    if I revalidate will I be in batch A stream 2?

  24. Please i go to camp with 2020 batch A but on getting to the camp my thump print didn’t work all the way from lagos to katsina it saying it not my thump print and i was asked to write a letter with others and i did, how will it take NYSC to allow me enroll for another thump print because am confused now, please help me sir thanks

  25. My name appears in the batch a but due to some personal issue I couldn’t go with batch can I delay the registration until batch b or c

  26. I was Mobilize with stream 1 batch A 2020 but I did not go to camp and I have click on the revalidation to follow the stream II after I login my existing credentials noting was on my portal still the same I don’t know maybe the revalidation has been done

  27. I’ve been mobilized before but didn’t go because of some challenges, I’ve revalidated and chosen my previous state of deployment among the four states.

    Will I be given the previous state of deployment or it will change, need help bro

  28. I registered for batch b stream 1 but didnt go to camp, now l want to go with batch c stream 2 should l revalidate

  29. Hello sir
    Am a partime graduate. I have went to my school for mobilization for the 2019 bactch c.but I can’t still find my name on the senate list..I need NYSC emeption letter what can I do

  30. I noticed that I was supposed to register wit batch B but I didn’t. if am to register now, will I reg. as a fresh Pcm or click on revalidation??


  31. The registered for the previous batch but due to some reasons I couldn’t go to camp. I understand I have to revalidation. But does revalidation mean that I’d have to pay another fee for registration? Do I get the chance to select another states of choice besides the one I previously selected?

  32. I, ugo has not registered before, I was only in the Senate list @ 2017 , but couldn’t register coz I had something doing, now am ready, can I register too.

      • I opted for revalidation cos i did not join stream 1 and and I want to go with stream 2..I clicked on revalidation and it displayed that its automatic that I should login my username and password in which I did but it did not displayed any option to select, is that they are already attending to it cos is automatic I don’t understand

        • Revalidation is usually Batch by Batch, not Stream by Stream. You will be allowed to do revalidation during Batch B.

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