How NYSC Calculate Age Limit For Mobilization

One of the most important factors that determines someone’s eligibility to take part in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program is age. Therefore, the primary purpose of this article is to show you how NYSC calculate age limit for mobilization.

Knowing how NYSC calculate age or how graduates’ age are being calculated by NYSC for mobilization is so important. It’s because having that knowledge would help you to know your eligible status using same method of age calculation as NYSC.

NYSC will exempt any graduate whose age is above 30 years which is the age limit for National Youth Service program.

If NYSC exempt you, do not take it as a had omen. It’s rather a privilege since Certificate of exemption which they will give you is equivalent to Discharge Certificate.

To buttress my point, there are many people who even prefer exemption to going for service. However, exemption has its own requirements, and only those who meet the requirements will be exempted.

One requirement for NYSC exemption is still age (30 years and above). So, We will take an in-depth look at how NYSC calculate age limit.

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When Does NYSC Exempt Graduates From Service?

  • When the person exceeds the age of 30 years, or
  • If the person have served in the Nigerian military or para-military for one year or more,
  • When the person is physically ‘disabled’

Note: If you are a part-time graduate (CEP), exclusion letter will be given to you. NYSC Exclusion letter is less than Discharge Certificate and Certificate of Exemption.

The purpose of NYSC

NYSC is a scheme established by the Federal Govt of Nigerian after the civil war with the primary aim of fostering unity, reconciliation, rebuild and reintegrate with one another to break the hard ice which was formed between Nigerians because of the civil war.

Those eligible for this service are Nigerian youths who graduated from universities and Polytechnic within or outside Nigeria.

Since NYSC is meant for young and able bodied Nigerian graduates, below is

How NYSC Calculate Age Limit For Mobilization

Below is how NYSC calculate an age for mobilization;

NYSC will pick your Date of Birth from the information you submitted to JAMB, they will count it, starting from the date your were born to the date you graduated from a higher Institution. If you’re 30 years or above, they will exempt you.

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It is important to note that 30 years plus one day old exceeds the age limit required for National Youth Service.

In the past, NYSC pick the information from the Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) but when some Institutions manipulate age of their graduates, NYSC turned to JAMB for accurate and reliable information.

If a candidate claims there is a mistake on their Date of Birth as submitted to JAMB, NYSC will confirm it by checking their O’level data.

When someone graduated from the University or Polytechnic before the age of 30, the person is qualified to serve age-wise, but if he did not go for NYSC because of one reason or another, and then clock 30 years or above, that person will not be exempted because he graduated before 30 years.

Note: The date you graduated is usually written on your Degree or HND Certificate/Statement. The graduation date is not the date one wrote his final exam or project defence but the date Degree or HND is conferred.

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Now, look at some of few questions and answers relating to age limit for NYSC Mobilization.

How many times does NYSC Mobilize graduates every year?

NYSC usually take 3 Batches every year; Batch A, B and C. If the number of registered graduates is higher than expected for a Batch

It is likely that the NYSC will break or split the Batch into ‘Stream 1 & 2′ for logistic reasons (fund, camps’ capacities etc).

How many graduates are usually mobilized for each Batch or Stream?

The number may vary from time to time. The direct answer is that there is no exact number, but it is roughly 50,000 graduates for each Batch.

When the number of graduates that registered for NYSC is very high, the leftovers will form Stream 2. NYSC Mobilize roughly an estimate of about 180,000 graduates per year.

Is there any age limit for NYSC participation?

Emphatically ‘Yes’! Anyone who exceed 30 years will be exempted.

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Updated: January 3, 2020 — 9:12 am

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  1. Pls! Sir, how can I see the date of birth on my JAMB 2015 this is because I was loom about it

  2. Pls! Sir, how can I see the date of birth on my JAMB this is because I was loom about it

  3. Shafiu Abubakar Dogo

    I made a mistake for registered in my portal I register with wrong date of birth and I take my waec correction and still not approved so I when I come with all my document to the Nysc I can save

  4. How it will be if this civid-19 caused the additional of a year to the students ? And may be he’ll clock 30 by then …

  5. Graduated dec 2018 but couldn’t register for NYSC due to illness * and I turned 30 in April 2020* will I still be allowed to serve?

  6. I made a mistake on my date of birth, I have do the correction of date of birth in jamb office and summited it to my school, hope jamb will approve it?

  7. I finished my exams November 2019 and my date of birth is 12/08/ school has yet to release our result.will I still be able to go for nysc

    1. Wait until your school release your result so you can know date of graduation that will help us determine your eligibility.

    2. Yes you can go for NYSC because they would look at your expected year of graduation which is 2019 and by the said 2019 you are not up to 30years.

  8. Please on behalf of the Nigeria youths us that are below 30 and those that are above we are begging the federal government to turn the age of service to 35 years many people want to serve not because of the money but to gain more experience but because of the issue of over age they won’t have the opportunity, please I know I’m nobody but I’m begging on behalf of those who want to serve but over age did not allow them.The federal government should please help and add the age of service to 35 years Please.

  9. Badurudeen Mubarak abiodun

    I Graduated in September 2019, which is written as the year of result, but we are yet to mobilize and I will clock 30,by December 21,this year.hope I don’t have problem, my date of birth is 21/12/1990.

  10. What is the case for a medical student that graduated from school before clocking 30 but had to do the compulsory housemanship for a year after which he would be mobilized…but by then,he will already be above 30 yrs old… Will he be exempted from serving

    1. He is qualified to serve since he graduated before 30 years

  11. Sir please I graduated from University of Cape coast Ghana (2018), at that time I was (28yrs). But due some reason I decided to stay back in Accra Ghana to do some part time work, now I’m 30yrs old. Please will I be allowed to serve.

    1. Yes, you will serve provided you graduated before 30 yrs

  12. hello sir my date of birth is 1988 while I graduated 2013 and I got my result this 2020,I’m I still qualified for nysc?

    1. You will serve since you graduated before 30 years

  13. I graduated 21/12/2019 and d date writing on my result is 24/1/2020 and my date of birth is 13/3/1990,pls can I serve this year? Pls urgent reply pls

  14. Federal Government need to balance stuff of exemption letter by paying people who collect it, to justify them waiting till when their certificate are ready..

  15. I graduated at the age of 29 years and i will clock 30 years July 15th. Can I still serve?

    1. Yes, you will serve since you graduated before 30

  16. I graduated 24/01/2020, and my date of birth is 13/3/1990, pls can I still b eligible to serve this year by first batch or second batch pls?

  17. I made a very big mistake for not correcting my date of birth on my NYSC portal until I was given my discharge certificate few days ago with the wrong dob on it, is there any hope of getting it rectified ? What can I do please, anyone

  18. How do I know when my certificate of exemption is ready for collection? And how long will it take for the certificate to ready for collection from the date of registration? Do I need any online registration for my exempted certificate to be processed?

      1. My date of birth is 1989 as supplied to JAMB. While I mistakenly submitted 2019 as my graduation year instead of 2018. I am currently being issued exception certificate. Please any hope of serving for me? If YES how do I go about it?

      2. My date of birth is 1992 but d date of birth on my jamb is 1988 pls what can I do but I graduated 2019 can still serve

  19. Abubakar baba saleh

    Sir plz help me explain we graduated 24 January 2020 that is what dey write for our results but dey never mobilize yet while my date of birth is 02/02/1990 plz can I served

  20. I graduated 29 years and 11 months, and my school is still making our exam script. And I will be 30years next month. Can I still still serve?

  21. Abubakar baba saleh

    Sir plz my own issues we graduated 2019 I was 29years at that time but I didn’t collect my results early bcoz I was having concessions that is undertaken for o’level recently I clear it and I collected my results but my edge has clock 30year’s 02-02-1990, with some month plz can I still serve it will not affect me, plz help and explain clearly for me

    1. If you graduate before 30 yes you will serve

      1. Abubakar baba ssleh

        Sir for our resutl the year of graduating is 24 January 2020. Bt dey never mobilized me yet

  22. I am a medical laboratory scientist I graduated on 2016 before I could finish my internship on 2019 and I apply for the nysc batch A am I going to be exempted

  23. Please I want to ask, if I graduate at above 30 and still desires to serve, will I be allowed to?

    1. Yes, if you graduated before 30

  24. Good day sir, my date of birth is 39/12/1990,and I graduate last year 2019,and we r expecting our results any moment did yet 2020 before mobilization of batch B,did I due of service

  25. Hello sir, i had an accident when i was in 300L 2018 And i graduated last year Dec, and base on my health then, i failed 3 courses and it may possibly lead to spil over. And recently i had that spil over w not eligible for nysc service again. Hope it w not affect me?

    1. You will serve only if you do not exceed 30 at time of graduation

    2. I will be 30 years and 5 months be my graduation ,can I still go to Nysc.

  26. Hello sir,I will graduate dis year October but I will be 31 this December,am i eligibile to serve,06/12/1989,date of birth

    1. You will serve if you graduated before 30

  27. I was born 1989 nd I will graduate from federal college of education in affliation with University of ibadan lastest October but dey don’t mobilise their students in time,it will be around 2021,but by December I will be 31,but av graduate before December,I want to know my chance of serving

    1. You will serve provided you graduated before 30

  28. I graduated 2018 at the age of 29 and am been mobilised this year but am having challenges doing my registration could that because of my age?

  29. My date of birth is 1/1/1990, and i graduated on December,2019 pls am i eligible to serve?

    1. You will serve provided that you graduated before 30

  30. Hello sir I finish last year September and I will b 30 this February 28,can I still serve,more so they wrote 2018/2019 for our certificate as year of graduation

    1. Yes, provided that you graduated before 30

      1. Thanks sir have see my call up number sir

  31. I will be 30 by October 12 2020,but I will be through in school after written my final exam by july so will I able to go to nysc

    1. Yes, if you graduated before 30

  32. ikelumuo favour chinelo

    I made a mistake while registering for waec nd now it’s effecting my NYSC stuff…what will i do plssss…I need answers pls

  33. How does jamb regularization come in to play here? Will NYSC still use the details from the first jamb one wrote or they will use the informations provided on the regularization???

  34. How does jamb regularization come in to play here? Will NYSC still use the details from the first jamb one wrote or they will use the informations provided on the regularization???

  35. I will graduate by August 2021 at age of 29, but i will be 30 by September 2021. Am i eligible for service sir?

  36. I graduated when I was 28 yearswhich is 2018 but now am now 30 years and want to go for nysc will I be allowed to serve???

    1. Yes, provided that you graduated before 30 years

  37. I’m above 30 but I still want to serve.

  38. I graduated at the age of 26 but now 35 and want to go for nysc.. will I be allowed to serve or be given exemption?

    1. Yes, since you graduated before 30yrs

      1. Thanks for the info

  39. I was issued certificate last December 2019 and I am 30 year old this February, so what will be my faith???? thanks.

    1. The question should be, did you graduate before the age of 30?

      1. Thanks for the update on age limit

  40. My date of birth on my jamb registration is not correct. How do I correct it

    1. Go to the nearest JAMB office for collection

  41. Once registration start, can school still upload names?

  42. Pls I graduated at the age of 29 yes before I clocked 30yrs on November 2019 but am scared I didn’t see my name in batch c but it has been shown that it will appear in batch a this year…pls do I have any chance to serve this coming month

  43. … starting from the date of birth. For instance, I birth day is 20th December 1990. Am I 30years old as of January 2020 or till December?

  44. How do I change my date of birth so I can go for NYSC IN JUNE/JULY

  45. Please concerning physical challenge person with polio but he walks what would be done on such person’s case

  46. Pls sir my result was confirmed on the 30th of September and I turned 30 on the 20th of October.will I be eligible?

  47. the graduation date NYSC wrote on the call up letter is it the date jamb make use of? because in my statement of result, my school wrote 2017/2018 season, and at my NYSC call up letter wrote 2019.

  48. the graduation date NYSC wrote on the call up letter is it the date jamb make use of? because in my statement of result, my school wrote 2017/2018 season, and at my NYSC call up letter wrote 2019.

  49. the graduation date NYSC wrote on the call up letter is it the date jamb make use of? because in my statement of result, my school wrote 2017/2018 season, and at my NYSC call up letter they wrote 2019. if am to calculate which one will I calculate.

  50. I just obtain my statement of result, my degree was conferred June 2017/2018 session, I was 29year 9months old then, are mine still eligible for service now, am 31 now

  51. I finished my final paper in August and my certificate came out October and I clocked 30 by November, hope I’m still eligible for service

  52. Finished exam since June this year and school wrote on my statement October 10th and I clocked 30 this yr july.what can b done

  53. Pls is it that jamb gives admission knowing the yr and age one is to graduate n due to strike n dely in the part of school,jamb stop student from serving saying age is 30 or above.

  54. My question is if I write my final paper when am 29 years and the school takes a year before they start clearance for one to go for nysc and that year I become 30 years will I still go for services?

  55. Abdulkareem Mojeed Olawale

    Has age limit for service been exceeded to 40 year?

  56. good day sir, please I turned 30 on 3rd of this month, hope it won’t affect me from being mobilized ?

  57. I will be 30 on 23rd November 2019. But i graduated 5th August 2019. Will i be mobilize or get exempted.

  58. morning.concessional deployment and marital status is showing pending.hop dis wont affect m

  59. good morning sir pls is their batch c stream 11 please.

  60. After applying for an exemption letter, when will the certificate be given? Do we wait after a year?.. What’s the process like?. Thanks in anticipation of your early response.

  61. I enjoyed your write up. After applying for an exemption letter, when will the certificate be given? Do we wait after a year?.. What’s the process like?

  62. Pls I did registration today after seeing my name on Senate list but I was told to wait for my exclusion letter I don’t know what happened

    1. Exclusion are for part-time, disabled, Open University students, college of education

  63. Is nothing someone can do about it if you graduate at 30 to go for NYSC?

  64. It’s just a month before I clock 30 which is November 2019.and my jamb pin is not out yet(coz in my school what we do is we pay for jamb regularization which enables us to print out our admission letter and it comes with a pin,the pin is what we submit to student affairs which enables us for service). So I’m thinking should I register afresh to reduced my age or I should just do change of date of birth.

    1. You cannot register afresh because your matriculation number has been used.

    2. Am going to graduate at age 30. Hope am free to go for NYSC?

  65. I graduated this year October to be presice at age 29 but my name didn’t come out with the Senate list. I’m scared it my come with the next batch ,which I will be 30 by then. What can I do

    1. There is no problem provided you graduated before 30

  66. will be graduating next year 2020 at 29yrs and our result will be ready by 2021, will I be allowed to serve?

    1. Yes, provided you graduated before 30

  67. Pls, Jamb number,is it the number u used why registering jamb.And matric number ur registration number from your institution?

  68. Pls,what is the procedure for married woman who want to serve where their husbands resides

  69. Good day, please is there a way to reach you through email or phone number

  70. OLADEPO olasunkanmi Paul

    Sir I graduate at age 30,but my school usually delay our service by a year which will make my own 31,can I still serve?

    1. No, since you are above 30 as at time of graduation

  71. I graduated this year 2019 but my school won’t mobilise us till next year,and I will be 30years of age by next year April. I hope I won’t be exempted

    1. You will be exempted since you graduated before 30

  72. pls can BVN number reveal someone’s true age while trying to register or while in camp due to opening a new bank account.

    1. They are not interested in whatever age is on your BVN

  73. I graduated at 29, but due to some issue I was not able yo serve d year I graduated. buy now I am above 30 yrs will I still serve

    1. Yes, since you graduated before 30

  74. I was born in 08/04/1991
    am going to finish my HND 2020
    did I qualify for NYSC

  75. Hello Sir, what of the person who graduate at the age of 31 and still wan to serve?

    1. You cannot serve, except you are willing to work it

  76. hello sir I graduated 2017 and I just clock 30 this October. Is there any possiblity that I can still serve?

    1. The question is, did you graduate before 30?

  77. Hello sir, tanks for d update sir, pls I want ask dat if someone graduate at 29yrs old n 11month will he go for service?

    1. Yes, provided he does exceed 30 years

  78. thank you i graduate before i was 29 and i have a problem regulazation and i will pass 30 before i can be mobalized those that means i can serve?

    1. You will serve provided you graduated before 30 years

  79. Kasali adetutu silifat

    Please will the exemption letter be printed immediately a person does not qualify?

    1. No, you can only print exemption slip which you will use to get your exemption letter

  80. Am a part time student, I just obtain my statement of result, my degree was conferred June 2017/2018 session, I was 29year 10month old then, are mine still eligible for service now, am 31 now

    1. By law, Part-time students do not go for NYSC. They will be awarded with exemption letter. Check out this 👉 NYSC exemption letter requirements and how to get it

  81. Thanks, this is a huge relieve.

  82. Hello,presently am a final year student of Ahmadu Bello University, and if things goes well our present session will be over in November this year. Then, I will be 29yrs and 11 months. Pending whenever my degree is conferred, can I be eligible for service?

    1. Yes, since you graduated before 30

  83. Pls I graduated last year while I was 29 but have not gone for service and now am 30, please will it be possible for me to still serve?

    1. Yes you can serve

  84. Please may I know how I can request for change of name on the NYSC portal??

    1. Please, Click here to learn how to do it

  85. pls I graduated at d age of 29 in 2018, but we are delayed by skul for some reason. but we are now in 2019 I will clock 30 by october . will I b able to serve

    1. Check date of graduation on your statement of result. That is the date NYSC is looking at.

  86. I graduated 2017 but my result was release 2019 and i was born 22/11/1988. Please can i still go service?

    1. Check the graduation date on your result,and use it to calculate your age

  87. How about someone that is 30, can he serve?

    1. You will serve if you graduated before 30 years

      1. Is the month you graduated included in your graduation date?

        1. I think it should be included

  88. hi pls i was born in 1990 and undergraduate at now ,my programme will finish in 2020,I will graduate by then, pls can I serve at that.

    1. You will be 30 by then, you are likely not to serve

      1. And I even had one saying thet the date is before getting to 35 that is after 35 one is not eligible to serve.

  89. I will graduate October 2019 and I will be 29years,is it possible for me to go for service?

  90. Good morning sir
    Thanks for this wonderful work. I graduated since 2007 at the age of 21, but I’ve not served since then. Now I want to serve but am above 30. please is this possible or I’ll be exempted?

    1. It is possible for you to serve

  91. Sir , can someone who applied but his place of work not allowing him to go can the person cancel the registration and go for exemption letter . Already the person is more than 30years already.

    1. No, you cannot cancel it. NYSC alone decide who needs exemption.

  92. I have been graduated on 5/8/2019 and I appeared on the NYSC approved uploaded Senate list but the NYSC said has not been mobilized contact your institution. how should I do ?

    1. I tried to understand what you are saying but couldn’t. Please, contact your Institutions.

  93. I will be 30 by November 23rd. I graduated this year, 2019. Any chance of been mobilize?

  94. simon Tope Sunkanmi

    Good day, I appreciate your efforts and indeed wish I can ask some personal questions from you (your contact)

    1. Scroll up to the top menu of this website, you’ll see ‘contact us’ link

  95. Jackson Bernard Bassey

    Good morning, please how can I suspend my nycs service year. I graduated this year which my name came out in the senate list 2019 batch a and I did not go. Even in this batch b, I don’t want to go till next two years due to where am working. What should I do please because am in the state of dilemma.

    1. Since your name is already on the Senate list, just leave it that way until you are ready.

  96. I was mobilized with batch A, Buh I didn’t go wit them but I thumprinted, can I still continue with the registration with batch B

    1. Yes, login to your dashboard and continue from where you stopped…

  97. Can someone suspend his nycs service year? I mean, the person graduated this year and he feel like going to service next three years, will such fellow be allowed.

    1. Yes, it will be allowed.

  98. Can changing of date of birth via NYSC portal reflect on the concerned students WAEC’s date of birth ? if yes, how? And if the corrected date of birth on Nysc portal does not correspond with that of Waec date of birth; what would be the implications and how could such be ameliorated? Thanks.

    1. No, it won’t reflect on the WAEC result date of birth. You can only use WAEC result verification PIN to effect change on NYSC portal for date of birth

  99. What if one was 29years and 11months old at the point of graduation, does one qualify for mobilization?

    1. Yes, the age limit is 30+

      1. Please sir can u calculate for me
        August 7 1989
        The Senate approved it on 9th of July 2019
        Am I eligible?

  100. Thanks for this info.. I have a minor issue, when I registered for jamb I was in Osun state and the person that registered for me used Osun state as my state of Origin but am a native of Oyo State.. On my jamb result slip it shows Osun state as my state of Origin but when I did NYSC Mobilisation I used Oyo State as my state of Origin… What can I do to rectify this error

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