How NYSC Calculate Age Limit For Mobilization

One of the most important factors that determines someone’s eligibility to take part in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program is age. Therefore, the primary purpose of this article is to show you how NYSC calculate age limit for mobilization.

Knowing how NYSC calculate age or how graduates’ age are being calculated by NYSC for mobilization is important.

Having that knowledge would help you calculate your age to know if you’re qualified to go for NYSC using NYSC method of age calculation for mobilization.

NYSC gives an exemption to graduates whose age exceeds 30 which is the normal age required for National Youth Service.

It is also important to note that exemption is never a bad thing, rather it is a privilege, since Certificate of Exemption is equivalent to Discharge Certificate.

To buttress my point, there are many people who prefer exemption to service.

However, exemption has its own requirements, and only those who meet the requirements will be exempted.

One requirement for NYSC exemption is still aged (30 years and above).

We will take an in-depth look into how NYSC calculate age limit.

Most undergraduates in higher Institutions hope to graduate one day and knowing fully well that upon graduation they will be required to serve Nigeria.

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NYSC service last for one year, after which Discharge Certificate will be awarded to deserving Corps member.

Some Nigerians who are intrigued by NYSC are restricted to serve because of their age exceeding the required limit.

When Does NYSC Exempt Graduates From Service?

  • When the person exceeds the age of 30 years, or
  • If the person have served in the Nigerian military or para-military for one year or more,
  • When the person is physically ‘disabled’

Note: If you are a part-time graduate (CEP), exclusion letter will be given to you. NYSC Exclusion letter is less than Discharge Certificate and Certificate of Exemption.

The purpose of NYSC

NYSC is a scheme established by the Federal Govt of Nigerian after the civil war with the primary aim of fostering unity, reconciliation, rebuild and reintegrate with one another to break the hard ice which was formed between Nigerians because of the civil war.

Those eligible for this service are Nigerian youths who graduated from universities and Polytechnic within or outside Nigeria.

Since NYSC is meant for young and able bodied Nigerian graduates, below is

How NYSC Calculate Age Limit For Mobilization

Below is how NYSC calculate an age for mobilization;

NYSC will pick your Date of Birth from the information you submitted to JAMB, they will count it, starting from the date your were born to the date you graduated from a higher Institution. If you’re 30 years or above, they will exempt you.

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It is important to note that 30 years plus one day old exceeds the age limit required for National Youth Service.

In the past, NYSC pick the information from the Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) but when some Institutions manipulate age of their graduates, NYSC turned to JAMB for accurate and reliable information.

If a candidate claims there is a mistake on their Date of Birth as submitted to JAMB, NYSC will confirm it by checking their O’level data.

When someone graduated from the University or Polytechnic before the age of 30, the person is qualified to serve age-wise, but if he did not go for NYSC because of one reason or another, and then clock 30 years or above, that person will not be exempted because he graduated before 30 years.

Note: The date you graduated is usually written on your Degree or HND Certificate/Statement. The graduation date is not the date one wrote his final exam or project defence but the date Degree or HND is conferred.

Now, look at some of few questions and answers relating to age limit for NYSC Mobilization.

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How many times does NYSC Mobilize graduates every year?

NYSC usually take 3 Batches every year; Batch A, B and C. If the number of registered graduates is higher than expected for a Batch

It is likely that the NYSC will break or split the Batch into ‘Stream 1 & 2′ for logistic reasons (fund, camps’ capacities etc).

How many graduates are usually mobilized for each Batch or Stream?

The number may vary from time to time. The direct answer is that there is no exact number, but it is roughly 50,000 graduates for each Batch.

When the number of graduates that registered for NYSC is very high, the leftovers will form Stream 2. NYSC Mobilize roughly an estimate of about 180,000 graduates per year.

Is there any age limit for NYSC participation?

Emphatically ‘Yes’! Anyone who exceed 30 years will be exempted.

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  1. pls can BVN number reveal someone’s true age while trying to register or while in camp due to opening a new bank account.

    1. They are not interested in whatever age is on your BVN

  2. I graduated at 29, but due to some issue I was not able yo serve d year I graduated. buy now I am above 30 yrs will I still serve

    1. Yes, since you graduated before 30

  3. I was born in 08/04/1991
    am going to finish my HND 2020
    did I qualify for NYSC

  4. Hello Sir, what of the person who graduate at the age of 31 and still wan to serve?

    1. You cannot serve, except you are willing to work it

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