NYSC Registration Passport Requirements

Passport photograph is one of the major things needed for NYSC registrations. In this post, we shall look at the NYSC registration passport requirements.

NYSC Registration is in two phases;

  1. Online registration, and
  2. camp registration

The NYSC online registration is done at the NYSC portal (portal.nysc.org.ng), while camp registration is done at NYSC orientation camp.

In both registration phases, NYSC ask for passport photograph. So, in this post, I will show you everything you need to know about the NYSC registration passports.

Prospective corps members (PCMs) always seek information concerning passports for NYSC registration.

Unfortunately, they usually get false information from rumor traders.

Someone will come out from no where to say NYSC requires 30 passport photographs, and another will say it’s 40 passports. And you may wonder what NYSC do with so many passports.

NYSC registration passport for online registratio

Below is passport specifications for online registration;

  1. One passports is ok
  2. Background should be white or offwhite
  3. Normal size
  4. It must be clear with no face obstruction
  5. Your head must be straight with two ears visible.
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NYSC Registration Passport for Orientation Camp registration

During my time, I reported to the NYSC orientation camp with 28 passport photographs. And I someone who reported with over 40, all because of wrong information.

I don’t want you to make thesame mistake I made during my time as regards to the number of passport for NYSC orientation camp.

How many passports are needed in NYSC camp

According to the management of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), only eight passport photographs is required from prospective corps members. Your passport ought to meet the specifications for online registration as state above.

The NYSC management will also state in your call-up letter that it is only eight (8) passport they want from you.

See where it’s state in NYSC call-up letter below;

NYSC Registration Passport Requirements

Do not go to camp with over eight (8) passport photographs because you will end up not using all of them.

The background color should be white or off white.

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Also, note that going to camp with passports is not a ‘do or die’ affairs as there will be many photographers in every nook and cranny of orientation camp.

Click here to see the list of documents for NYSC orientation camp registration.

Updated: September 17, 2019 — 12:54 pm

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