NYSC Registration Passport Requirements

NYSC Registration Passport Requirements refers to the specific rules and details you need to follow when submitting your passport photograph for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) registration. This includes information on the number of photos required, their size, background color, and other essential details to ensure a smooth registration process.

Passport photographs are essential for NYSC registrations, which occur in two phases:

  1. Online registration on the NYSC portal (portal.nysc.org.ng) and
  2. Camp registration at the NYSC orientation camp.

In both phases, NYSC requires a passport photograph. This post outlines the specific requirements for NYSC registration passports.

Prospective corps members (PCMs) often seek information on passports for NYSC registration but unfortunately receive misinformation. Some individuals may claim NYSC requires 30 or 40 passport photographs, causing confusion but thanks to this article.

For online registration, adhere to the following passport specifications:

  • One passport is sufficient.
  • Background should be white or off-white.
  • Normal size, clear with no face obstruction.
  • Head must be straight with both ears visible.

“During my time, I reported to the NYSC orientation camp with 28 passport photographs, this is because of incorrect information i got from people” – Jomoh.

However, NYSC management specifies that only eight passport photographs are required. This is even reiterated in the NYSC call-up letter.

Avoid bringing more than eight passport photographs to the camp, as you won’t use all of them. The background color should be white or off-white. Remember that bringing passports to camp is not a crucial matter, as photographers are available throughout the orientation camp.

NYSC Registration Passport Requirements

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In conclusion, understanding and adhering to the NYSC Registration Passport Requirements is vital for a successful registration process. By following the specified guidelines regarding the number of passport photographs, size, and background color, prospective corps members can avoid unnecessary confusion and ensure a seamless experience during both online registration and the orientation camp. Remember that accurate information is key, and being well-informed about the requirements contributes to a smooth and efficient NYSC registration journey. Thanks

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  1. Sadanu shuaibu Allu

    My name is out on the Senate list as one of the students who successeded and I did all the necessary changes but I was wonder IAM not amongst the matriculated up to now please what is my faith.

  2. Hibro,if ur name appear on a sinate list.for 2019 batch c.den u decided to register for 2020 batch A.will ur name still show on sinate list b4 ur online registration.

  3. Please I want to change the date of birth on my green card, but could not be able because on my dashboard there is no place to fill in the new date of birth. What should I do and could I do it? Please help me out.

  4. Please can I print my green card along side with my call-up letter when it’s out?
    Or must I print the green card before the call-up is out?

  5. If you have been deployed to a state before and you couldn’t show up, what will be the next line of actions. Is it to remobilize or to revalidate! Cos, remobilization is ongoing for the 2019batchB., what is to be done?

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