NYSC Camp Requirements For 2022 Registration

Are you a Nigerian Graduate preparing to serve in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Program? Do you want to know the registration requirements for NYSC orientation camp participation? If ‘yes’, we will show you all the NYSC orientation camp requirements, things needed for NYSC camp registration, and those items that are strictly restricted in camp. Before we proceed, Kindly check sample of NYSC Call-up letter for Batch A,B&C.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to arrive at the NYSC Orientation camp and realizes that your documents are not complete. Therefore, we urge every prospective corps member to carefully read this post to understand what is required from them.

The NYSC management would send you home if your documents are not complete. This has been the rule, and it’s strictly followed. To make this concise and handy, we will classify things needed at NYSC Orientation camp into two categories; 

  • Compulsorily camp requirements, and 
  • Essentially requirements.

Note: Things listed under compulsory category are documents that with none of them, you may not be registered at the NYSC camp. And the items listed under essential category are not compulsory but needed for your personal comforts.

NYSC camp registration requirements (Compulsory)

The documents below are Compulsory (If you arrive at the camp without any of them, you may not be registered by the officials):

1. Final year ID card

Go with the original and two (2) photocopies of your final year id card. To get your ‘final year identity card, visit the Directorate of Students’ Affairs in your school and make a request. Kindly note that NYSC also accepts School ID Card in lieu of final year ID. But they don’t accept departmental ID card.

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2. Statement of result (B.SC or HND)

Go with the original and four (4) photocopies of your Degree or HND statement of result. If you have the original certificate itself, better. But if you don’t, just go with the official statement of the results. Those who do not have their official statement of result (or original certificate) should NOT go to the NYSC camp. For foreign trained graduates, they must present the original certificate itself (not statement).

Also, persons who graduated from Polytechnic within Nigeria would provide both ND and HND statement of results. 

Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Optometrists or other medical profession, should go to camp along with the original of registration certificate with the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board or Optometrist Registration Council and evidence of completion of houseman-ship or internship.

3. NYSC Call-up letter

Never forget your call-up letter! You need to go with the original and four (4) photocopies. NYSC will send this letter to you a few days after online registration. Please, DO NOT laminate your call-up letter because NYSC will reject a laminated copy.

4. NYSC Green card

Please, do not forget your Green Card. Go with the original and four (4) photocopies. Green Card is the online print-out slip after NYSC online registration. Also, Do NOT laminate it! Note: the Green Card and call-up letter are to be printed out in colored.

5. Recent passport photograph

Please, go with eight (8) copies. The background color should be white or off-white. Don’t listen to anyone that says you should go with over eight copies.

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6. Medical Certificate of Fitness

Go with two (2) copies of a medical certificate of fitness got from any government hospital or military clinic in Nigeria.

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7. Uploaded Documents

Foreign trained graduates should go to camp with the original of all documents they uploaded during online registration.

NYSC camp requirements (Essential)

Things listed below are not compulsorily needed in NYSC camp but they are essential for personal comforts. 

If you really want to enjoy NYSC camp, consider going to camp with things listed below;

8. White round-necked T-shirts

This outfit is worn everyday throughout the 21-days stay in the NYSC camp. NYSC will give you only 2, but these two are of poor quality and may not size you. Also, you may not enjoy wearing only 2 shirts for 3 weeks in camp that you will stay in camp.

9. White shorts

NYSC will also give you 2 pairs of shorts, but of poor quality and may not size you. You need like extra pairs so as not to be stranded if it tears.

10. White tennis shoes & white socks

NYSC will provide this, but it’s advisable you get an extra one pair for yourself.

11. Tea or beverages

This is very important for those who would not like the camp watery tea. Some people collect camp tea and then add some spoons from their own tea to make it tick.

12. Toiletries

Antiseptics, insecticides, towel, sanitary pads, pampas, etc. These are essential to help protect you from infections and skin infections.

13. Mosquitoes Net is very important in NYSC camp

This is very important, I know you wouldn’t like to go to camp and fall sick. Mosquitoes net will protect you from mosquitoes and other camp insects. Take one net with you and rope to tie it to your bunk.

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14. You need Some cash in NYSC camp

You need to go to camp with some cash, there are too many things that cost money in camp. Things like, food, charging phone, taking pictures, laundries, etc. 

Also, go with at least N20,000, and also with your ATM card, because there are ATMs in some camp.

14. Torchlight in NYSC camp

Don’t say you will use your phone touch! Torchlight is important; make sure you buy rechargeable ones.

15. You will need Waist Pouch in NYSC camp

 Waste bag or pouch is essential. This will serve as your money keeper, and also as a locker for important items such as phones, money, ID card, keys, ATM cards, and more.

16. Padlocks is important in NYSC camp

You need a padlock to lock your boxes and bags to prevent camp thieves from gaining access to your properties. 

There are many people who lost many valuable things to the NYSC camp thieves. I know you wouldn’t want to fall a victim.

17. Your phone and power bank in NYSC camp

This is important for communication. If you don’t have a power bank or cell phone, please get one.

18. Other essential things need in NYSC camp

You can buy other things like bed sheets, pillow, bucket and other big things from mammy market (camp market) to avoid overloading yourself. You can also check list of things not allowed in NYSC camp.

The above are list of things needed in NYSC camp for registration.

On behalf of nyscinfo.com, I wish you the best of luck. See you in camp!

If you have any question, kindly drop it in the comment section.

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  1. after Batch B stream II, would they be Batch C,

  2. What about your o level results

  3. is it compulsory to Wear trousers in the camp

  4. Sir please is first school leaving certificate important at the camp, because my sister did not seat for it and she is kind of scared

  5. Sir I don’t have marriage certificate but m having change of name, newspaper and affidavit,hope there is no problem sir.

  6. Hi wats d required age for going for Nysc I know it’s 30 is it dat wen u r more than 30 a person can’t serve again.N wat if a person is clocking 30 by April n d next stream is June can d person still serve.

  7. Sir my dashboard is saying I was not mobilized because I have not uploaded valid documents. I’m confused cos I did. Pls what do I do?

    1. Mine is saying error server unavailable..
      What to do

  8. Pls sir jamb reduced my age with 5years my date of birth is 24/09/1993 and jamb wrote 17/January 1998.and I didn’t write weac cus I was sick only sat for neco dats what am using so pls will it cus a problem in camp

  9. My ID card was lost. any problem in camp?

  10. Pls which batch is going next and when are they going

    1. Batch B Stream 1B. They will enter camp in December

  11. Pls my name in my Jamb admission letter is Nikoro Godspower O. Tried to do Jamb regularization but it was not approve bcos my waec still has the initials. My degree has my full name Nikoro Godspower Omamuyovwi. I explain to them in sch I cant do d regularization, so they summited my document like that telling me I will have issue in mobilization or online process. Pls what can I do during online registration to address d issue.

    1. It won’t affect you. Just use your full name during online registration.

      1. Thanks, pls the Hard copy of jamb admission letter and degree that school summit to NYSC what is it use for? Is it for uploading of name by NYSC ? Because she said I should pray my name do not enter error list.

  12. Can someone dat has graduate for six year go for service

  13. Good evening sir/ma. About the medical certificate, is it two photocopy or originals

  14. Good day..
    Mobilised with SLT(biology) but studied SLT(chemistry) nd now my course on d green card shows SLT(biology) nd my result carries SLT (chemistry)… Will it be a problem in camp av bin trying to change it from my dashboard but it keep showing pending

    1. You can change it in camp

  15. Can I go with photocopy of my ND result, instead of the original copy sir, but I have original copy of my HND result

    1. Which one is going with photocopy? Please, go with your ND Statement if you don’t have original.

  16. The date of birth on my Jamb profile is not my date of birth, it’s higher than my real age by 10yrs.
    I have approached jamb for corrections but my school refused completing the form for me.
    Any advice for me?
    I use Nabteb result, so no DOB on it, please help a brother, I’m getting frustrated.

    1. Sort it out with your school. That is the only way out.

  17. The Medical fitness is that really a must. Because I don’t seem to have it

  18. Gud afternoon
    Pls was posted to a state batch A stream 1,wen I got to camp for registration my thumb print did not show so dey ask me to go back home
    Plss wat can I do now

    1. You will write application to NYSC asking them to drop your finger prints, to enable you take another one. Send the application to info@nysc.gov.ng with your full details explaining what happened. Once they dropped your finger prints, you can login to your dashboard to do another one.

  19. Good morning pls i have my certificate , however i wasnt given a statement if result by my school. Can i proceed woth the certificate

    1. Yes, use the Certificate

  20. Pls is it mandatory to go with ur waec and jamb result to the camp, and secondly pls when is d next stream coming up thank u

    1. No, WAEC and JAMB results are not needed. However, if you are a foreign trained student, you need to go with original WAEC result.

  21. Pls my name is not arrange well in my call up letter and have already printed it,hope I will not have problem in camp

    1. You can arrange when you get to camp

  22. I have my original certificate with my passport on it but no school id card will I be able to register in camp

  23. Thank you sir for all you do..God bless you. Please sir, I lost my ND notification in fire incident, so I only have my ND photocopy and the original of my HND,please will it be accepted?

    1. You need police report and court affidavit to prove your case

  24. Is it compulsory to bring my original waec result to camp

    1. No, if you studied in Nigeria. Yes, if you studied outside Nigeria

      1. Owunna Sandra kelechi

        Pls u said 2 copies of medical fitness, do u mean original and one photocopy

        1. Yes, original and photocopy

  25. Hi. My name was disarranged in my statement of result but It has been corrected. Will it be an issue when I get to camp?

  26. Hello. Thank you for all your hard work! I misplaced my school alumni ID card but I just found a photocopy of the ID. Please Will it be accepted in camp?

    1. You can go with the photo copy

  27. What about people posted to adamawa or jigawa and they are 5 to 6 days late, hope they are still acceptable in camp??? I mean if they leave on the 15th due to transport fare, health issues..

  28. Please sir, can a printed certificate of fitness be acceptable in camp..? Some of my friends are having difficulty with their own certificate of fitness so they printed the one sent to their mail.. Hope. It will be acceptable

    1. Go with it at your own risk

  29. Olaleye Victoria damilola

    Good afternoon, please am 5weeks pregnant will I be in camp or I would go home after necessary registration

    1. You will go home after registration in camp

    2. Please my course still hasn’t changed to the one I offered, will that be a problem or I can change it in camp

  30. Please My school mistakenly finger error my graduation date , they put 13 Feb,2020 instead of 12 Feb, 202. Please advise me on what to do

    1. Habaaa, it is not a problem

  31. My ND result is already laminated hope that wont be a problem

    1. There is no problem with that, just make sure your Green Card or Call up letter is not laminated.

  32. Is it necessary to take ones ND result despite having that of HND

    1. You will take two of them

  33. Hi. The genotype on my school I’d card is wrong it’s was my school that made the mistake while printing… But on my medical fitness report I included the correct one and also during the nysc online registration I selected the correct one… Hope it won’t be a problem in camp for my school I’d card carrying a different genotype result from my medical fitness report and online registration?

  34. Please my name is not spelt correctly on my dashboard and I’ve tried correcting it but couldn’t,I have also applied for correction but it hasn’t taken effect and I have already printed my green card, can I correct it in camp

    1. Be patient, it used to take time. Whenever NYSC correct it, you reprint your Green Card

    2. Sir,
      I have a little challenge With my state of origin.
      How do I correct it.

      1. You will correct it when you get to camp

  35. Please is a school id card a compulsory requirement for foreign trained graduates?

  36. Please apart from the white tennis shoe, can one also buy white canvas /snickers. Can it be use instead of the white tennis shoe ?

    1. Yes, you can buy it, provided it is white

      1. My year of graduation is not correct, 2018 instead of 2015. What can I do

        1. It is not a problem, you can correct it in camp

      2. Please I have a serious issue about my DOB in my waec which is carrying 1995 when I go for jamb updation I corrected It but it didn’t effect is still carrying 1990 how do I correct it, I tried for correction it didn’t work I hope I can correct it if I go camp

        1. Yes, you can ask them to correct it in camp.

  37. Please the sizes of my kit didn’t show on my green card. The space for it is blank. What do I do?

  38. My name was wrongly spelled, and the passport i used was the old one, how can I change these two?
    hope it is possible?

  39. Pls as a nursing mother should I need NySC kits,am I going to stay for 21days

    1. They will give nysc kit in camp. But you will lodge off camp since you are a nursing mother.

  40. Pls will there be stream 2 in Batch A?

  41. Pls my state of origin is incorrect and it appeared on my green card is it possible to correct?

    1. You can correct it when you get to Camp

  42. Pls my date of birth in Neco/waec is different from my original date of birth

  43. Are we to bring our o/l results also?

  44. Pls is birth certificate needed in camp?

  45. Please sir is it compulsory that we take our original ND certificate to camp cos this is the latest rumor trending and its getting me confused. Please sir put me through. Thanks.

    1. You can go with the statement

  46. Please for us yet to receive states to choose what is our fate for now

  47. Please there is spelling errors In my name on the Senate list,I have corrected it Cape, but is not corrected , please can you help me

    1. Apply through your dashboard

    2. pls i am a married woman,i have uploaded all the documents required for direct posting to where my husband reside..I was told to take the hard copy to the nearest NYSC secretariat close,on getting there i was told i don’t need to bring down the hard copy..Pls i want confirm if there is any need to drop the hard copy at the secretariat or is there any assurance i will be posted to where my kids and husband reside???

      1. No need to take the hard copies to the NYSC secretariat

  48. please is my waec certificate going to be needed in camp?

    1. No, except if you ara a foreign trained graduate

    2. Njoku Norah Amarachi

      Please my ND result and Hnd result first name is spelt as NORAN instead of NORAH. is it going to affect my registration in camp especially account opening.

      1. No, you can apply for correction through your dashboard or you change it in camp.

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