How to Print NYSC Green Card for Batch A, B & C

As part of the online registration process, prospective corps members are required to print their NYSC Green Card, which serves as an important document during orientation and throughout the service year. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to print your NYSC Green Card.

What is NYSC Green Card?

It is an online registration slip that shows personal data and kit specifications of prospective corps members. The NYSC Green Card is one of the compulsory requirements for NYSC orientation camping. Therefore, after printing the Green Card, make sure to bring it to the orientation camp along with other necessary documents.

Kindly note that your online registration on the NYSC portal is not complete until you print your Green Card slip. The NYSC ‘Green card’ is not literally green-colored. The word ‘Green’ only signifies the importance of the document, as it grants you permanent access to NYSC packages such as kits at the orientation camp.

Features of the NYSC Green Card

The NYSC Green Card contains the following important information:

1. NYSC Logo: The Green Card prominently displays the NYSC logo, along with the NYSC letter heading, which includes the head office address.

2. Batch and Year of Service: It indicates the specific batch and year of service you are currently enrolled in.

3. Call-Up Number: This is a unique identification number assigned by NYSC to every prospective corps member. The call-up number serves as a reference for your deployment and participation in the NYSC program. It is important to familiarize yourself with how the NYSC call-up number is structured.

4. Personal Data: The Green Card includes essential personal details such as your full name, date of birth, and state of origin.

5. Contact Information: Your address, phone number, and details of the state you visited during registration are provided for contact purposes.

6. Next of Kin Details: The Green Card also features the name, contact number, and address of your next of kin. This information is crucial in case of emergencies or important communications.

7. Education Qualification: It includes details of your educational background, such as your grade, institution, year of graduation, and course of study.

8. Kit Specification Details: The Green Card specifies the size of your NYSC kit, which you have chosen during the online registration process. This information ensures that you receive the appropriate-sized NYSC uniform and other essential items.

How to Print NYSC Green Card

Once you have completed all the necessary steps, including payment and document uploads, you can proceed to print your NYSC Green Card. Follow these steps:

1) Visit NYSC portal at

2) Click on ‘Login’ button to enter your registered e-mail and password.

3) Click “Resume” to login to your dashboard.

4) Locate “Print Slip”, and click the button.

printing nysc green cardOnce you click on ”Print slip”, a new screen will open up showing preview of your Green Card, as shown below:

how to print nysc green card

5) Look at the top right corner of the preview page, you will see two small Icon; one is for printing and the other is for downloading.

6) Click on arrow 1 to print or 2 to download as applicable.

Note: you can print your Green Card as many times as you wish, but only two copies (one original & one photocopy) are required on the orientation camp. Also, check out how to print NYSC call up letter.

What next after printing the NYSC Green Card?

1. Sign it: kindly sign the Green card using Biro ink, on the space provided at the right bottom side of the slip. Also, write the date you signed close to your signature.

2. Photocopy: Make about four(4) photocopies of the signed copy.

3. Keep it safe: Keep your Green card safe because you will need to submit it at the NYSC orientation Camp

4. Wait for Call-up letter: Call-up letter will be sent to you by NYSC after some days of printing your Green Card => See the official Call-up letter sample

Sample of the NYSC Green Card

Before you print another thing, let me quickly show you the sample of the NYSC Green card, so you will be sure of what you printed.

nysc green card sample


Printing your NYSC Green Card is an essential part of the registration process for prospective corps members in Nigeria. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can ensure a smooth and successful printing experience. Remember to keep both a digital and physical copy of your Green Card, as it will be required during your NYSC orientation and throughout your service year.

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    Pls sir, I can’t print my green card since 9th of july, 2021 i registered for nysc. What could be delaying it.

  2. Akintola Basbson Caleb

    I register for nysc as Akintola Basbson Caleb and it’s the same as the name on my SOR. But my jamb name is Akintola Caleb Babson. Any issue?

    Also on my green card my year of admission in University was written as 0 and my graduation year as 2021. The year of admission should be 2014. Any issue?

  3. I mistakenly applied for change of name on my dashboard and they said it it is being reviewed, and I don’t want to change my name. Can I cancel it or should I leave it like that. Hope it won’t affect my call up letter

  4. Hy Humphrey, Pls help me, printed my green card yesterday and tried to fill the covid 19 self test but it kept saying invalid call up number. what does this mean because I can’t fill the form either

  5. Hello I tried printing my slip but it keeps saying error printing report. What should I do about it?

  6. Please,i need help,did my registration yesterday without selecting any state for deployment, made my payment successfully,tried printing my green card but it kept saying error printing report, what do I do?

    1. same problem i’m facing now…i already made payment but can’t print my green card….it kept on saying error printing

  7. Sir i printed my green card yesterday before i noticed my grade was reduced, i applied for correction on my dashboard is showing approved but i can’t reprint my green card to see if the change has been effected, showed leave and go with the old one i downloaded, hope it won’t delay my callup letter

  8. Thanks a lot the information provided has been of tremendous help.

    Please I want to ask on behave of someone.

    She will be registering for NYSC on march 2021.
    She’s is also processing her Masters admission in the UK,that means all things been equal she may be leaving Nigeria by September 2021.

    What can she do please?
    Can she go on and register for NYSC by March 2021?
    If yes
    What will happen to her NYSC certificate when she’s leaving around August/September 2021 for her Master program in the UK?

    If No,
    What’s your best advice?

  9. Thanks. Please my state of deployment is in Lagos state and my orientation camp is at Ede Osun state. Pls how do i go abt it?

  10. Good day…please am a married woman, i did my medical fitness certificate as at 21/02/2020,but due to the pandemic,i couldn’t make use of it for Batch A stream 2. Now that i want to use it,am a year older than the age that was stated on the certificate. Can i still use it lyk that, please?

  11. Please are we to reprint d green card again for those dat Av register as early as march,can u tell us wot to do

  12. Please my kit specification details have no sizes only a long red line I just printed my green card and saw it please sir what do I do

  13. Please sir I printed my green card and on the kit specification detail I didn’t see any size there only a red long line please sir what do I do

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