How To Print NYSC Call Up Letter Online

Is NYSC Call Up Letter Out For 2022 Batch A? Well, whether or not the call up letter is out, we are here to guide you on how to print your call up letter. The NYSC call-up letter is an official letter that the management of the scheme send to prospective corps members inviting them to the orientaion camp.

You can either directly print-out your call-up letter or download it on your mobile phone for easy reference, and then print any time you like. The method to print NYSC call-up letter shown here applies for all ‘Batches’ and ‘Streams’. However, if the printing method changes anytime, this page will be updated.

Once the Call up letter is out, you are expected to login to your dashboard on the NYSC portal for viewing and printing. Those who will be eligible to print their Call up letters are prospective members who made payment of about N3,000 during portal registration. If you did not pay, then you can visit your institutions of graduation to pick your Call up letter.

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How to print NYSC Call up letter

Follow the steps below to print your call up letter;

  1. Visit the NYSC portal at,

  2. Login to your dashboard with your registered e-mail and password.

  3. Click on “Print Call Up Letter” link to print your Call-up letter.

How to download NYSC Call up letter to your mobile phone

You may want to download your NYSC Call-up letter to your mobile phone for personal reference or for other reasons best known to you.

  • Follow the same steps as directed above
  • Login and Click on “Print Call-up letter” link
  • Click on “Download Page” button after your Call-up has shown up.
  • Save the download with a name you like.
Kindly note the following before going to NYSC orientation camp:
  1. If you studied in Nigeria, come to camp with: Degree/HND Certificates or Statement of results, School/Final year Identity Card, Call-up letter, Green Card, Medical Certificate of Fitness, eight (8) Passport photograph.

  2. Foreign graduates should come to camp with: Original copies of all the documents uploaded during on-line registration for verification.

  3. Foreign graduates are to ensure that academic paper(s) in Languages other than English be translated into English Language, both versions must be presented for verification at the camp.

  4. Medical/veterinary Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists Nurses and Public Environmental Health graduates should report to camp with their professional licenses or certificates of full registration issued by their professional bodies.

Source: Nyscinfo.cøm

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  1. Please those of us that have registered for certificate of exclusion,when can we print it?

  2. Please the arrangements of my name was not correct. I applied for name correction but it hasn’t been changed. Should I go ahead and print my green card cause my call up number is out

  3. What is the hope of the pcms seen this on their dashboard “in order to comply with ncdc and to follow the covid19 protocol we cannot accommodate all the pcms in this stream 2 kindly be patient with the scheme, we will communicate to u when to print your call up letter in due course thank you.
    This is what I saw on my dashboard for 2021 nysc batch A stream 11, do we still have hope, cause a lot of circular have been passed arround, we don’t know the genuine one.

  4. I can’t find my call up letter, pls anyone can help out, I made #3000 payments but can’t find the call up letter, any solution, here pls

  5. Hello, pls I need help I don’t know if is going to work this way. I was posted to Abia and I’m a married woman with 4 kids and I based in Kaduna with my husband pls is there any way out?? Is it possible to switch with someone who wanted to serve in Abia??

  6. My dashboard shows print your call up letter but when open, its shows nothing. Please what’s the problem? .

  7. Please, my dashboard is still showing this “You are not in this stream,you will notify when to print your call-up letter”, what should I do? Sir

  8. Please sir there was an error on my online registration due to the background of my passport sir I want to know if there is any problem because I already registered and printed my green card also…..and also I can’t see my dashboard sir is there any issue sir??

  9. Please mine is saying come to the camp with the documents…I was not given any posted, what could be the problem or my mistake during the registration?

  10. Please how can I correct my data of birth I just noticed I have problem with my DOB the month and the day are all correct but the problem is 1991 instead of 1992

  11. Please,my dashboard is still showing ” you are not in this stream” please any advice?… Or what alternative step should be taken?

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