How To Check Your NYSC Posting Online

After online registration for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, next is to wait for your posting letter (also known as Call-up letter). In this article, we will show you how to check your NYSC posting – checking posting means to know which State that NYSC deployed you for Service.

Recall that during online registration, NYSC allows Prospective Corps members to select four (4) states of their choice. From the list of the selected States, they would be posted at random.

For example; if you choose States like Abuja, Lagos, Kano and Abia. NYSC will post you to Abuja or Lagos or Kano or Abia for your National service. However, it’s not a must that you must be posted to any of the four (4) chosen States.

This means you can choose Abuja, Lagos, Ogun and Anambra, and you will be posted to a less competing State like Adamawa, though it’s rare. We know a friend who did not choose Abia State during her registration but she was posted to Abia for her service.

Believe me you, if you don’t choose high competing States like Abuja and Lagos, you will never be posted there unless you sort your posting.

Even many that selected Lagos and Abuja have a very slim chance to get those states because they are highly competitive.

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Now, talking about working your posting to desired State, please do not give anyone money that you cannot afford to lose.

Don’t be desperate about working your NYSC posting, because scammers will capitalize on that. Kindly note that 95% of those asking you to pay for NYSC direct posting or redeployment are nothing but fraudsters. We repeat, 95% of them are yahoo boys, be warned!

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How to check your NYSC posting

In the past, checking your posting involves going to institution of graduation. But today you can easily check where NYSC posted you at the comfort of your home with a smartphone or computer. So, you don’t have to embark on a long distance journey to your institution since you can comfortably do it online.

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You can also print your posting letter at the comfort of your home. Yes, you can easily print your Call-up letter online once it is out. Your Call-up letter will contain your posting information.

Follow the procedures below to check your NYSC posting:

How to check your NYSC posting

  1. Go to NYSC portal at

  2. Click “Login Here” icon;

  3. Enter your e-mail and password;

  4. Click “Resume” to login to your account.

Once you login to your dashboard, click “Print Call Up Letter” to view your Call-up letter and see where NYSC posted you.

If you wish to print your call-up letter, then save it on your phone or computer and take it to where you can print.

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. Have issue with fingerprint in the camp thou have written a letter of biometric dropped at the camp I was told am going to recapture my thumbprint or can I revalidate cos I want to upload my affidavit of marriage and also change of name on the newspaper.

  2. Pls sir I have not registered before and I try logging in no way
    It shows invalid email although it is correct.

  3. Pls sir while I doing my registration it show me no more available state slot to deployment. What can I do?

  4. Pls sir. While I was doing my registration it show me no more available state slot to deployment what can I do

  5. Good day….while I was doing my registration it showed no available slot in the 4 places..but i submitted anyways but now I’m not really sure if the registration was successful and if they will post me to any place…pls will I still be posted anyways

  6. Good day Sir, please help me, I was mobilized 2019 batch B. But I didn’t register that year, now I’m ready and my result available,can I register and follow the current batchA 2020.or I should wait to be re mobilized? Thanks

  7. Good morning sir I have not seen my call up number since Monday

    1. Be patient and keep checking

  8. Bros pls i av not seen my call up letter on my page,wats d problwm

  9. When wil I be able to print my callup letter, cause I can’t find it on my dashboard

    1. Maybe you are in stream 2

  10. Goodmorning sir. Thank you so much for your guide. Please I saw my call up number since Monday but no green card yet in my dashboard. Is it because have not fill in states slot yet?

  11. Goodevening sir. What those green card mean and what is the use of it?

    1. Good evening sir,please sir I want to in Adamawa state, what should I do?

        1. Good evening sir, please i need you to clarify me on something i printed my call up number yesterday, but if i log in into my dash board i see something like sorry you are not in this stream you will be notified when to print your call up number…. does it mean i will be shifted to nxt year thats batch A.. does it mean am not among this batch stream 2 ?please help me

  12. Thank you sir.. Those it mean I will be going with batch c stream 1 right? Since I print out my green card right?

  13. Why no available slot ?
    Since 3 days back

  14. What are the procedure for direct posting , and what are the requirements.

  15. Pls can i edit my information?I have registered for batch C but there is something that need to be change.

  16. Aminu hussaini kabir

    my name Hussaini Aminu kabir

  17. Aliyu shittu mohammed

    I though something different from waiting til lastday

  18. How many days does it take to see ur Green card and nyc call up letter

    1. There is no fixed date for green card.
      Call-up letter usually take up to 4 days after the closing of online registration.

  19. Hello sir,
    When will the call up letter be ready to printed?

  20. Thanks a lot for this.

    Will I still be able to pay after the call-up letter is released or there is a deadline for the payment?

    1. Please, pay during online registration

  21. I’ve registered before but I couldn’t make it then, so I am to revalidate now but the system is not favoring me in the sense that., it is saying no available state for deployment and automatic revalidation will be done for me on my dashboard! Pls how can I go about this?

    1. NYSC will automatically assign you to a state to serve

      1. Goodday sir.. I just saw my call up number in my dashboard now. But have not fill states yet for batch c. I was was told by nysc that my call up letter will sent later. Those it mean I will go with stream 1 and how do I know the states. Since I didn’t fill in any?

        1. NYSC will select state for you

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