How To Get Medical Fitness Certificate For NYSC Registration

If you have been searching for how to get medical fitness certificate for NYSC registration, you should search no more. This article will give you in details, A-to-Z of all that you ever need to know about the NYSC medical fitness certificate and medical report for registration in the NYSC Orientation camp.

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Also, I will show you samples of NYSC required Medical Report and Medical Fitness Certificate.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) compulsorily required a Medical Fitness Certificate from every Prospective Corps Member (PCM) as a prerequisite for admission into Orientation camp.

The medical document is to be used to ascertain the true health conditions and fitness of every Prospective Corps Member before he or she will be allowed to participate in orientation camp activities.

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NYSC managment adopted this measure after they lost three corps members in 2016 during camp training due to health failures.

Below is the official statement from NYSC regarding the medical fitness certificate:

“All Prospective Corps Members MUST present his or her medical certificate from a government or military hospital showing their health status before they will be registered and admitted to the orientation course.

“Management wishes prospective Corps members safe journey to their respective camps as well as a successful Orientation course.”

As you can see from the above statement, presenting a medical fitness certificate is compulsory.

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Now, you are informed that medical fitness certificate is compulsory for NYSC Camp registration! Let me show you the medical tests that NYSC required PCM to do.

The following are the medical tests that PCM are to undergo:

  1. HIV

  2. Genotype

  3. Blood group

  4. Chest X-ray

  5. PCV

  6. HCV

  7. Urinalysis

  8. Haemoglobin

  9. Stool analysis

  10. Blood pressure

  11. Visual acuity.

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Note: It’s expected that the medical fitness certificate should be stamped by the hospital and signed by a Chief Medical Officer in the hospital.

This information was obtained during an interview with an NYSC official.

Difference Between Medical Fitnes Certificate and Medical Report as required by NYSC

  1. A Medical fitness certificate can only be obtained from general hospital or military clinic :: Medical report can be obtained from any hospital, be it private or public.

  2. Medical finess certificate is compulsorily required for registration in the NYSC camp :: Medical report is not compulsory, it’s only required from people who want to apply for relocation.

  3. Medical tests are carried before medical fitness certificate is issued to PCM :: Medical report is based on your health history known by your physician or current health report indicating that you have certain ailments and need to be close to medical facilities incase of emergency.

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How to Obtain Medical Fitness Certificate for NYSC registration

To obtain NYSC an authentic medical fitness certificate for NYSC registration;

  1. Go to any government hospital or military clinic around you.

  2. Meet the receptionist to get a consultation card; that’s if you don’t have card with the hospital before.

  3. Tell the doctor that you want do fitness tests for NYSC participation. Show him the list of the tests if he doesn’t know. He will direct you to lab room.

  4. Go to the medical lab room to drop your specimen, then proceed to other tests.

Sample of medical fitness certificates

How To Get Medical Fitness Certificate For NYSC Registration

How to Obtain Medical Report for NYSC redeployment application

This simple! Just meet your doctor, he will ask you some questions, check your medical history and write a report for you.

Note: Since you you only need medical report for NYSC redeployment application, I urge you to obtain the report from general hospital or military clinic, so that NYSC can take it more serious.

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Sample of medical report

How To Get Medical Fitness Certificate For NYSC Registration

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