NYSC Medical Certificate for Camp Registration

Are you searching for information regarding the NYSC medical report or NYSC medical certificate of fitness for orientation camp registration? If ‘yes’, then you are on the right page. In this article, you will learn more about the National Youth Service Corps medical certificate of fitness or report. Also check out how NYSC calculate age limit for mobilization.

Also, you will learn the differences between the NYSC medical certificate of fitness and NYSC medical report because both of them are two different things.

Just before that, you may wish to check your name on the NYSC Senate list, because that is the major requirements for NYSC mobilization.

In case you don’t know how the NYSC Medical Report and Certificate of fitness look like, you don’t need to bother yourself because we will show you samples here.

It’s no longer news that NYSC compulsorily requires a medical certificate of fitness from Prospective Corps Member for registration. The essence of certificate of fitness is to ascertain the true health conditions of every prospective corps member.

NYSC management adopted this measure after they lost up to 3 corps members in 2016 at orientation camp due to health failures.

NYSC statement about medical certificate of fitness

Below is the NYSC official statement on certificate of fitness;

“All Prospective Corps Members MUST present his or her medical certificate from a government or military hospital showing their health status before they will be registered and admitted to the orientation course.

“Management wishes prospective Corps members safe journey to their respective camps as well as a successful Orientation course.”

As you can see from the above statement, presenting a certificate of fitness is now compulsory for all prospective corps members.

Now, you’ve been informed that the medical fitness certificate is compulsory for every prospective corps member, what will you do? Probably what’s going on in your mind now is how you will get it. Alright, no need to worry, I will show you how to get it.

NYSC medical certificate test requirements

Valid medical certificate of fitness for NYSC camp should contain the following tests:

  • HIV
  • Genotype
  • Blood group
  • Chest X-ray
  • PCV
  • HCV
  • Urinalysis
  • Haemoglobin
  • Stool analysis
  • Blood pressure
  • Visual acuity.

If you wish to contact the NYSC Director General, kindly CLICK HERE to see how.

Note: It’s expected that the medical certificate of fitness should be stamped by the hospital and signed by a Chief Medical Officer in the hospital.

Keep reading, you will see how to easily get the authentic medical certificate of fitness and medical report for NYSC registration. But before that let me show you the difference between the two.

Difference between NYSC medical report and medical certificate of fitness

  1. A Medical certificate of fitness can only be obtained from general hospital or military clinic, while medical report can be obtained from any hospital, be it private or public.

  2. Medical certificate of fitness is compulsorily required for NYSC registration, but Medical report is not compulsory, it’s only required from those who want to apply for relocation.

  3. Medical tests are carried before medical fitness certificate is issued to PCM, medical report is based on your health history known by your physician indicating that you have certain ailments.

How to get NYSC medical certificate of fitness

To get the authentic medical certificate of fitness for NYSC registration, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Go to any nearby government hospital or military clinic.

  2. Meet the receptionist and request for consultation card.

  3. Tell the Doctor what you want.

  4. Show the doctor list of tests NYSC expected from you.

  5. Go to the lab room to drop your specimen, then proceed to other tests.

NYSC medical certificate sample

Below is the sample of NYSC medical certificate of fitness;

How To Get Medical Fitness Certificate For NYSC Registration

How to get NYSC Nedical Report for NYSC relocation application

The NYSC Medical report is only required from corps members who wish to relocate to other states. To get it, just meet your doctor, he will ask you some questions, check your medical history and write a report for you.

Note: Since you only need the medical report for NYSC redeployment application, I advise you to get it the report from general hospital or military clinic, so that NYSC will take serious.

Sample of medical report

How To Get Medical Fitness Certificate For NYSC RegistrationIf you have any question or contribution, use the comment section below.

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