10 Reasons Why BSc is Better than HND

Ever wondered why a University Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) is often considered superior to a Polytechnic Higher National Diploma (HND)? In this article, we aim to outline ten reasons why BSc holds an edge over HND.

Disclaimer: Before delving into the reasons, it’s crucial to clarify that this post does not intend to promote division between BSc and HND holders. It’s a reflection based on personal observations and is not meant to demean or discourage anyone.

Reasons Why BSc is Better than HND

Here are the reasons why BSc is considered better than HND:

1. Quality of Lecturers

University lecturers, often holding PhDs and extensive teaching experience, surpass the expertise found in many polytechnics. Also, university lecturers are required to have at least an MSc qualification.

2. Admission Requirement

Entrance into universities demands higher JAMB cut-offs, attracting more academically adept students compared to polytechnics. this stringent requirement often results in more intellectually competitive environments.

3. Funding From Government

Public universities receive more government funding than polytechnics, underscoring their perceived higher quality. Government and media attention on university-related matters is usually more pronounced than for polytechnics.

4. Research Work

Universities are recognized as the forefront of research, contributing significantly to institutional progress. University research is generally considered more substantial than that in polytechnics.

5. Conducive and Large Campus Environment

The size and infrastructure of universities often reflect higher quality compared to many polytechnics. Spacious campus and various facilities create a conducive learning environment.

6. Quality of Students

Universities attract a higher concentration of academically outstanding students. Polytechnic students are often perceived as those who couldn’t meet university admission standards.

7. Scholarships Preference

Reputable bodies tend to favor university students over polytechnic students for scholarships.

8. Job Opportunities

Employers in Nigeria often prefer BSc holders, considering them more suitable for various roles.

9. Programme and Degrees

Universities have a broader range of programs and can award degrees from BSc to PhD, unlike polytechnics limited to HND.

10. Self Esteem

BSc holders tend to exhibit higher confidence levels, while HND holders may face discrimination in the job market, impacting their self-esteem.


In wrapping up, it’s important to recognize that the choice between BSc and HND is subjective and depends on individual goals and aspirations. Both qualifications contribute significantly to the educational landscape, and each path has its unique advantages. The goal is not to diminish the value of either but to provide insights for individuals to make informed decisions about their educational journey. Remember, the key lies in leveraging the advantages to build a successful and fulfilling career path.

23 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why BSc is Better than HND”

  1. Nonsense. You have not been to some polytechnics. Programmes are both professional and academic.or maybe you are referring to mushroom polytechnics

  2. Bro in the camp where I served , HND students behaves like the village gangsters. The way they talk, the way they act … Honestly I have not seen such before !! They are too local. And their reasoning is too poor .

  3. Ijeoma success

    Sir my jamb date of birth is 1994,can i use 1993 during nysc registration bcoz i want my waec n nysc certificate to have the same date of birth

  4. Ijeoma success

    Sir the of date of birth in my BVN is different from the one am using in school,,hope no issue

  5. U left out this: HND holders are not eligible to pursue Master’s degree in the university except they undergo a PGD program. BSC have automatic license to degree program in so far u meet d requirement.

  6. Maxwell Iheadindueme John

    I am not trying to be biased, but in the defence of the polytechnics;
    1 Quality lectures: It is not about the level of qualification that makes one a quality lecture, it the ability to deliver. You would agree with me that most students knows better than their teachers. And polytechnics looks lectures with better impartation and a practical understanding
    2 Admission : yes people with lower grades in the UTME applies for polytechnics, but have you can not be admitted if u dont choose a polytechnic as your first choice they won’t be any admission for you. Therefore polytechnics are not taken second choice it is first so as the university.
    3 funding from government. I strongly agree to the fact that ASUP sound a little deem but ask how much the Government spend on getting workshops, laboratories and theaters working in the polytechnic. And the machines and test equipment and many other, do You know how much they worth (most university students dont even know how a real machine looks like)
    4 research work. Of at truth Universities make lots of research, but they still consult the polytechnics for vindication and verification. They conduct 90% of their experiments in polytechnic workshops and laboratories.
    5 conducive and large campus. Let’s consider polytechnics like nekede, Akanu Ibiam, etc which its ends has not been reached. In polytechnics there are less crowd as compered to universities where students are every where.
    6 quality of students. Well, any student that do not know “how” but only knows “why” is not a quality student. Universities only teach students theories and little or no practicals while polytechnics do both that’s why their students are good. Most university students read to pass immediate exams but polytechnics students reads and practice as well.
    7 scholarship preference thats true for universities
    8 Job opportunities. Come on guys who wants to compare the rate of job openings for polytechnics to that of bsc. Only the business students of universities have jobs coming at them but even the ND holders have job flaunting at there feet from all sectors of the economy down to private industries. Why? They have the practicals and theories at heart. Go to most oil firm 75% of there staffs are HND holders.
    9 program and degree. It is so true that Polytechnics awards HND but then there is still room to further your education till the so called PHD.
    10 self esteemed. Well, how confident can an electrical student in a university be when told to wire a house, to the confidence of a polytechnic electrical student. The truth of the whole matter is that most polytechnics are not jobs seekers there self employed, jobs creators and inventors, while university students are job seeker.
    Thats just a little taste of the whole matter

    1. You just hit the point, your equality of delivery determined your esteem not your certificate.

      Talking of the quality of lectures, I most tell you that the polytechnic lecturers are always there to lecture and guard the students whenever there called upon, but a university professor may not me there to lecture or guard the students for months while still pursuing futher courses abroad.

  7. Pls Sir am in Nysc camp my school documents are bearing Tukur Abubakar Tukur Nd my BVN Name is Tukur Abubakar. Are the going to allow me to open Nysc account?

    1. Mark-Miracle Brave

      You don’t have a problem since the two names on your BVN tally with the ones on your documents.

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