8 Advantages of HND Over BSc (University Degree)

In this article, we will show you eight (8) shocking advantages of HND over BSc.

In our Facebook group, arguments usually come up between polytechnic and university graduates on who receive more quality training in school.

8 Advantages of HND Over BSc (University Degree)

When you consider some factors, you will realize that polytechnic graduates have an edge over university BSc holders.

Well, we are not here to side HND holders but to show you what you probably do not know. Also, see, 10 reasons BSc holders are better than HND holders.

Eight (8) advantages of HND over BSc

Below are the advantages of polytechnic graduates over university graduates;

1. Affordable school fees

Most polytechnic in Nigeria charge less than N40,000 as tuition fee, thereby making education affordable to people. While universities charge over N80,000, making education out of the reach of poor. Such Universities include; ESUT, LASU, EKSU, and many others.

2. Job opportunity

Most job openings in Nigeria are designed to fit only for National Diploma and HND holders. So, there are more jobs for polytechnic graduates than university graduates.

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3. Change of study and environment

It is possible to change your course of study after obtaining your National Diploma. For example; you can obtain your ND in a particular State and continue your HND in another State. You can also go further to study in the university if you like.

4. Easy admission

Admission into polytechnic is less competitive to compare to university. There are many people who have been seeking for admission in university for over 5 years without any success.

5. Quick Certificate

You can get National Diploma (ND) just within 2 years, and many have succeeded with their ND results. So, you must not have to study for 5 years before you can start earning salary with your Certificate.

6. Equal Certificate

All polytechnic results have equal value whether private or government. While university certificate are not equal. For example, Federal Universities Certificate is more valuable and wanted than that of State and Private universities.

7. Admission by Merits

Getting admission in some universities is mainly by money and connection. You may need to pay money or connected to someone before you can get admission into university. But in polytechnic admission is by merit. Candidate who performed well will definitely get admission offer regardless of the course and the school.

8. Conversion of Certification

Polytechnic graduates can convert their HND to B.Sc if they like, but such option is not available for B.Sc holders as they are restricted to their degree Certificate.

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Updated: March 17, 2020 — 9:24 am

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