8 Advantages of HND Over BSc (University Degree)

In this article, we unveil eight compelling advantages that Higher National Diploma (HND) holders possess over their Bachelor of Science (BSc) counterparts. In our Telegram group, debates often arise between polytechnic and university graduates regarding the quality of training each receives.

By considering specific factors, it becomes evident that polytechnic graduates hold a distinct advantage over university BSc holders. Our aim is not to take sides but to shed light on aspects you may not be aware of.

Additionally, explore our article highlighting 10 reasons why BSc holders are considered superior to HND holders.

Eight (8) Advantages of HND Over BSc

1. Affordable School Fees

Most polytechnics in Nigeria charge tuition fees of less than N40,000, rendering education more accessible. In contrast, universities often charge over N80,000, making education financially burdensome for many, including institutions like ESUT, LASU, EKSU, and others.

2. Job Opportunity

Many job openings in Nigeria favor National Diploma and HND holders, providing more job prospects for polytechnic graduates compared to their university counterparts.

3. Change of Study and Environment

After obtaining a National Diploma, it is possible to change your course of study. For instance, you can pursue your HND in a different state or even progress to university education if desired.

4. Easy Admission

Admission into polytechnics is less competitive compared to universities, offering a viable option for individuals who have struggled for years to secure admission into a university.

5. Quick Certificate

National Diploma (ND) can be attained in just two years, allowing individuals to start earning a salary sooner without the prolonged duration required for a university degree.

6. Equal Certificate

Polytechnic results hold equal value, irrespective of whether they are from private or government institutions. In contrast, university certificates vary in value, with Federal University certificates being more sought after than those from State and Private universities.

7. Admission by Merit

Polytechnic admission is primarily based on merit, ensuring that candidates who perform well are offered admission, regardless of the chosen course or institution. This stands in contrast to some universities where admission may be influenced by financial considerations or connections.

8. Conversion of Certification

Unlike B.Sc holders who are limited to their degree certificate, polytechnic graduates can convert their HND to B.Sc if they choose to pursue further academic qualifications.


So, to wrap it up. Whether you have Higher National Diploma (HND) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc), each comes with its own advantages. The eight advantages we’ve discussed highlight that HND offers a more affordable, flexible, and job-ready path.

But it’s not about saying one is better than the other. It’s about understanding what works for you. Your choice depends on your goals and what fits your career dreams.

Remember, education is a key that opens doors. Whether it’s HND or BSc, the main thing is to use that key wisely and shape a path that makes you happy and successful in the long run.

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  1. Hmmm.. My brethren, itz all depends on god. A man success comes from above, no matter d good certificate u obtain if god has refused to take u to ya wish level den itz is useless,, what matters is ya connection with God not with man🙂 polytechnic or university God decide what happened next

  2. What’s happening in Nigeria it’s injustice… University graduate are ranked higher than polytechnic graduate

  3. All he said is just to glorify HND certificates with all those baseless analysis. My guy, whether you agree with me or not there is no way HND is better than any varsity degree being it state or Federal.The way things are going, there is no way I can advise someone to go poly in a bid to obtaining ND or HND. Na varsity straight to obtain that degree.

  4. This is wrong analysis University is the ultimate school in d world, getting difficult in admition and high sch fees that one is depend on the uni and location similarly as polytechnics, stdts in Poly are paying morthan University stdts.

  5. Who told you that the registration of HND is less than 40k, u better go and check well is up to 60k. Even me I paid that

    • Why will u call use that word “common”for HND.Are u trying to say pple with that certificate are hopeless??….Let me tell you,being a University graduate,polytechnic graduate or College graduate doesn’t determine ur greatness in life.Meanwhile u might later work under a polytechnic graduate all ur life. That is what we called GRACE!!

    • Been a polytechnic is not easy , i start from nnational diploma to higher national diploma , later did a bsc is not easy , life is by grace not by struggle .

  6. How can you compare Bsc’with this common HND? I think you don’t know the D/f that is why you saying such useless analysis.

  7. Some of the points raised above are baseless and lack credence. In fact, they contradict the title of the article.

    For example, in ABU Zaria, I pay less than 20,000 as a returning student. Do your research well. On the issue of connection, that’s applicable to every institution in Nigeria and that doesn’t negate the fact that some people still get admission without knowing anybody. I know of a Polytechnic that some Students paid up to 40k to get admission.

    In fact, I can’t make any sense from this article. I have been to the Polytechnic before and I am now in the University. Bro, let’s just pray for mercy but not write all these points

  8. Another point is, a poly technics’ students are more better then universitys’ students in the area of language development.

    • Be a university product/ polytechnic doesn’t determine that bro, seriously I don’t support the issue on ground,bt pls forget language devlop/what? you can only speak in area you covered

  9. Becos Bsc is a moden qualification and go ask our great engineers and other profession what they attend for the first time during their studies and didn’t go to any where for Bsc

  10. In some practical courses HND holder is better especially in Engineering, Technology and applied sciences my opinion as a result of a research I did over time when Bsc and HND and being interviewed in practical aspect of a job interview.

  11. Mr man channel energy to something that will benefit nation.Stop all this your educational ranting.

    What makes you thing polytechnic education is cheap, easier irrelevant as you think?


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