Difference Between Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc), HND, OND and NCE

One thing is going to school, and another thing is going to the right school. In this post, we shall look at the difference between Bachelor’s Degree, HND, OND and NCE. Knowing the difference between degrees will help you know the one to go for. However, one step can lead to the other, and all are relevant, useful and recognized.

The above academic degrees are different in purpose of existence. They mean different thing and you have to really understand the one you need. so, this article will show you light of understanding on each of the awards.

Let’s take it one after the other.

1. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Degree

B.Sc is a degree that is pursued in University for 4-5 years after which the student will be awarded with the degree award certificate when he/she has successfully finished his/her academic program in the school. However, there are other degree certificate in the university such as B.Tech and B.Ed, Both are the same with B.Sc. Only that disciplines or course of study in the university makes them different from each other.

2. Higher National Diploma (HND)

HND is a program of study that takes place in Polytechnics and Monotechnics. It is embearked upon after which one has successfully finished his/her Ordinary National Diploma (OND) program which takes two years in the polytechnic/Monotechnic also.

After the OND, the person will go for a compulsory 1 year Industrial Training after which the person can now obtain a form for HND Program. You become an HND holder after you have successfully completed the HND program. It is good to note that HND is technically or practically oriented. The award is usually sort after by government and private establishments because of its technicalism.

However, unlike B.Sc, you don’t need to write Jamb or UTME examination. You will only write the school’s screening test or entrance examination to gain admission into the school.

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3. Ordinary National Diploma (OND or ND)

This is an award offered by Polytechnic or Monotechic after successful completion of an OND program.

After having OND certificate, the person can proceed with his/her study in the poly/momotechnic or a University. However, that of poly/monotechics takes two years to have HND award certificate while that of university takes 2-3 years to have B.Sc award certificate depending on the choice of course to study whereby the candidate will start from 200L. Many universities requires candidates to have upper credit before they can be offered an admission.

However, to be offered an admission for ND program, you have to write JAMB and Post UTME/admission screening of the school of choice. After the candidate has passed the examinations successfully and has met all the requirements for admission, the candidate will be offered an admission to study, starting from ND1.

Nevertheless, some polytechnics runs Daily Partime program which is also a two years program but the cost is different!
You can also read more on the school’s site to get more information.

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Nigeria Certificate Examination (NCE)

NCE is a three-year program in any of the Colleges of Education in Nigeria, after which a successful graduate will be given NCE award.

To be offered an admission for NCE program, you will have to write JAMB or obtain the college’s form and then meet all the requirements.

Depending on your choice, you may proceed to study in the university through JAMB direct entry admission process. You will only need to obtain direct entry form and choose two universities of your choice. After all the screening and you meet up with the requirements, congrats, you will be offered an admission. See why Do 3rd Class graduates Do Better than 1st Class Graduates?

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