15 Best Telegram Bots & How To Use Telegram Bots

Bots may be integrated and interacted with on popular chat services like Facebook Messenger, and Telegram is no exception. Telegram bot API, for example, is one of the first chat services for bots, having been established in July 2015.

Telegram bots are software applications that are configured to do automated tasks via the messaging network Telegram. They’re incredibly easy to use and interact with. They complete the task far more quickly than a human would.

As much as the Facebook Messenger bot has been incorporated by various firms and brands in such a way that you may buy pizza on the move or get rapid answers to questions or inquiries you have about a brand, products, and so on. The Telegram bot is more secure and reliable.

In any case, our Telegram bot services allow you to address a wide range of issues while also greatly expanding the functionality of one of the most popular instant messengers on the planet.

1. Bot Alyosha (@aleksobot)

Aleksobot is a bot that converts outgoing text messages to voice format. Support for many voice synthesis engines has been added, as well as the ability to connect the bot to current interlocutors for chat.

2. Voicy (@voicybot)

Voicybot is a reverse electronic assistant that converts all voice communications and audio files (.ogg,.flac,.wav,.mp3) into text. It supports two voice recognition engines, Wit.ai and Google Speech, which may be modified in the bot settings, and can work in a large variety of languages.

3. Gmail Bot (@GmailBot)

Gmail bot is a bot service created by the Telegram team that allows you to utilize the messenger as a Gmail client for fast message exchange. Only after giving the required access rights in your Google account’s settings will the bot be able to function.

Although the majority of Gmail Bot reviews are excellent, you should be aware of the potential risks when using this product.

4. Bot accountant (@iloveipbot)

A bot accountant is a personal assistant for small business owners. He can compute insurance premiums, assist in tax reduction through the simplified tax system, and reminds of impending payments and report delivery.

The bot’s interface with banking systems will be implemented in the future, as will the features of downloading statements and making payment orders, as well as the preparation and submission of reports over the Internet.

5. SkeddyBot (@SkeddyBot)

A straightforward yet effective bot for managing reminders at a specific time. Sending the bot messages like “call the office in 20 minutes,” “take documents tomorrow at 8 a.m.,” and “check the pie is ready every 10 minutes” is all that is required, and the service will notify the user with proven pharmaceutical accuracy.

6. YouTube Bot (@youtube)

The YouTube Bot is a service that allows you to subscribe to YouTube channel updates and stay up to date on what’s going on in the Google media platform, or should I say the world’s second-largest search engine.

7. Classical Music (@music)

Classical music is being played by a bot. This is a fantastic find for fans of Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, and other great composers who represent the gold wealth of international musical culture.

8. Bot for checking password leaks (@MailSearchBot)

The MailSearchBot lets you “punch” email addresses, logins, and phone numbers to see if they’re in the hijacked account database. If one of the passwords is discovered to be in the public domain, it is recommended that you replace it as soon as possible.

9. The creator of bots (@BotFather)

The official Telegram bot creator and integration service. You can use it to develop a bot that responds to user commands, sends notifications, manages your smart home, and performs other tasks.

10. Radio Archive Bot (@radiobot)

A bot that gives users access to the archives of numerous Russian and international radio stations’ broadcasts. AAC + audio stream will be broadcast. This compression method reduces traffic and allows you to listen to the radio in low-speed networks.

11. Bot for developers (@integram_bot)

It allows you to connect Telegram to third-party services such as Trello, Gitlab, BitBucket, GitHub, and Webhook, which are used by programmers all over the world to host and collaborate on IT projects.

12. Dictionary bot (@dictsbot)

An outstanding selection of explanatory and thematic dictionaries in Russian, Ukrainian, English, and German is available through this service. Interaction with Wikipedia, as well as Yandex and Google translation systems, is possible.

13. Track recognition bot (@yamelodybot)

A service that works in conjunction with Yandex.Music to help you find unknown musical compositions. Simply submit an audio message to the bot with a 5- to 10-second snippet of an unfamiliar tune, and the system will automatically identify the melody’s name and artist, as well as offer a link to listen to the full version of the piece.

14. Traffic fines (@youshtraf_bot)

A bot whose name is self-explanatory. It allows you to check if the car and driver have any fines, as well as acquire complete information about these penalties, such as the date, time, location of the violation, article of the infraction, and photographs from fixation cameras, as well as pay for them. It allows you to work with traffic police databases, MADI, AMPP, and the Platon system. Fines can be monitored automatically.

15. RSS4 YOU (@ rss4you_bot)

Telegram may now be used as an RSS reader for working with news sources thanks to a bot. It offers powerful filtering tools for downloading information downloaded from the Web, as well as support for numerous data formats and the ability to mark up news bulletins.

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