How to Apply for 2021 Nedis Phase 2

This is to inform the public that the Nedis Covid-19 Special Fund 2021 (SMEs/Farmers/Traders) program and application procedure have been reformed. The Nigeria Enterprises Development Interactive Scheme (NEDIS) application process has been revamped to include the Nedis Covid-19 Special Fund 2021 (SMEs/Farmers/Traders). This article will show you how to apply for 2021 Nedis phase 2 covid-19 fund.


The Nigeria Enterprises Development Interactive Scheme (NEDIS) is a non-profit organization tasked with promoting Nigerians in a variety of fields.

Through collaborative efforts, the Nigeria Enterprises Development Interactive Scheme (NEDIS) should help and establish a stable economy in Nigeria. The Contributory Intervention Fund is the Nedis Covid-19 Special Fund 2021 (CIF). Read how to apply for MTN Muson Music Scholarship 2021.

The Registrar of NEDIS, Mallam Ibrahim Suleiman Umar, gave a clear analysis of the enrollment and application received, as well as the program’s next phase.

“We received 78 percent of our target applications in the first phase (PH1),” he said in a news statement, “and the second phase (PH2) will only be able to accommodate 22 percent.”

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““Obviously, once the final 22% is reached, we won’t be able to make the application’s official deadline for 2021 Nedis Phase 2.” As a result, no Offline Application will be issued.” As a result, we will not be issuing Offline Application Forms, but your responsibilities will remain the same as stated below:

Materials for Working:

  • Go to and download the Application Guidelines (also attached).
  • To replace the Offline Application Form, refer recipients to the Code Free Online Application Form, which can be downloaded at Online Application Form.jpg. Make sure your Enumeration Code is prominently printed on it (also attached).
  • To keep track of offline applications, go to Application Register.pdf and print the Offline Application Register (also attached).
  • Registration on a monthly basis Target has been suspended, but the contract agreement’s other terms have not changed.
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Acceptance for 2021 Nedis Phase 2:

By providing the following details to “,” you must re-accept the terms & conditions of participating as an Enumeration Officer for the NEDIS COVID-19 SPECIAL FUND 2021 Application Exercise.

  1. Full Name:
  2. Bank Verification Number:
  3. Bank Name:
  4. How to Apply
  5. Account Number:
  6. Account Type:
  7. Phone Number:
  8. Contact Address:
  9. Place of Primary Assignment (PPA):
  10. Enumeration Code:
  12. Dated

Source: Nyscinfo

Updated: August 13, 2021 — 10:49 am

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