6 Reasons You Should Use TSTV in 2021

When TSTV was first established in 2017, I was ecstatic at the idea of a pan-Nigerian cable TV provider with incredible offerings. Despite my interest, I was undecided to subscribe to their service because of my preceding experience with Hitv. Awkwardly, only a few months after its introduction in 2017, TSTV fell into technical hitches and could not maintain its position in the Pay TV market. In this post, I will give you 6 reasons you should Use TSTV in 2021.

In the year 2020, the brand declared its re-entry into the sector, appointed specialists to management, and showed its ability to provide superior and unparalleled pay television services. I can certainly state that, based on what I saw of its servicing so far, TSTV is taking this time seriously. And having said the foregoing, below are some of the reasons I have switched to TSTV since it’s come back and I have not regretted it. Checkout how to apply for UBA loan.

6 Reasons You should Use TSTV in 2021

  1. MultiChoice, the owners of Dstv, has become incredibly arrogant in their treatment of Nigerians. They abruptly increased their service charge, seemingly unconcerned about Nigerians’ desires.
  2. Worse, their services are subpar, and consumers are charged expensive fees for channels they don’t watch.
  3. TSTV, being a Nigerian brand, deserves everyone’s support.
  4. With Pay As You View, or PAYV, TSTV has showed its ability to provide a value for money. MultiChoice has consistently argued that PAYV is impossible.
  5. TSTV broadcasts channels from all the main football leagues, including the English Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A, among others. They also provide several movie and news stations to pick from, all of which are in high definition.
  6. All TSTV channels have a very reasonable price range. I don’t have to pay high bouquet fees only to watch the Champions League, the English Premier League, or Laliga. In addition, unlike DSTV, TSTV provides several free-to-air channels.

Remember that, when you switch to the Tstv service, you will have the luxury of only paying for what you watch, unlike like the Dstv that forces channels on you by making you pay for them, even when you completely have no interest in the contents shown on those channels.

If I were you, it’s time to break the chain and have a look at the new world.

Source: Nyscinfo

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