2022 Climate Leadership Fellowship for Nigerian Youths

Nigerian youth who are passionate about bringing attention to climate change are encouraged to submit applications for the Climate Leadership Fellowship 2022.

The Climate Leadership Fellowship (Special Edition for Energy Leaders) is created to offer expert training on the theory and applications of renewable energy for a better climate to fellows who work in, or are passionate about, the clean cooking, clean energy, solar power, and waste to energy sectors.

After training, all fellows will adopt a school where they will teach about climate change and renewable energy, helping to raise the next generation of citizens who will support a country that is climate resilient. In addition to a diploma of climate leadership, each fellow will receive a toolset for teaching about climate change.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to youth aged between 22 – 35 years;
  • Demonstrated leadership for climate change and renewable energy;
  • Part of a growing environmental/renewable energy organization or involved/interested in a renewable energy business (serving Corp members with interest in renewable energy can apply);
  • Graduated from University;
  • Interested in clean/renewable energy solutions for electricity or for cooking;
  • Passion to promote awareness for climate change;
  • From any part of the world but resident in Nigeria.


  • Receive expert training from globally renowned climate activists.
  • Be trained as a climate change educator.
  • Receive a Climate Change Education toolkit to teach in secondary schools.
  • Become a part of the climate change awareness frontliners.
  • Gain access to free trainings and up skilling programs.
  • Gain work experience in the area of climate leadership.
  • Gain recommendations for fellowships or international trainings.
  • Receive a Climate Leadership Certificate.

How To Apply

Go to Climate Leadership Fellowship to apply

The chosen candidates must be prepared to teach about climate change in their communities using the tools offered, take part in training with a climate leadership specialist, present a work plan for their fellowship, and be available for all virtual sessions.

It is anticipated of participants to:

  • Commit 5 hours per week to for the expert trainings and LIVE calls
  • Adopt a school and complete the four-week program teaching climate change in schools
  • Demonstrate innovation during the Adopt a School

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  1. Aliyu Danjuma

    Hello, Climate change is reducing the African Sahel region to desert wall, From carbon emissions, landscape detorierating, Rainfall deficiency, Cutting down of trees, High temperature and many more of climate catastrophy, This is a global responsibility to achieve sustainable environment for better together.

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