2023 Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Program (Application Link)

Aspiring public health leaders from Africa are supported by the Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Program in developing advanced skills and competencies to plan, implement, and oversee public health initiatives that will revolutionize public health in Africa.

Following approval by the Governing Board of the Africa CDC in March 2018, the African Union Commission and the Kofi Annan Foundation jointly launched the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) – Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Program on May 25, 2020.

Fellows accepted into the program will be senior public health professionals from African Union Member States who will assist in and oversee the implementation of a new public health order for Africa. They will also serve as mentors and educators for the continent’s future public health leaders.

On April 7, 2021, the Fellowship program’s inaugural cohort, which included 20 fellows from 14 different countries, was officially started. From more than 3000 submissions, the Fellowship chose 20 ADDITIONAL fellows from 17 different countries for the second cohort in 2022. The third cohort of the fellowship program is presently taking applications, with a deadline of January 15, 2023, and a start date of May 2023 for the fellowship.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be citizens of an African Union Member State;
  • Possess a postgraduate degree in a relevant field in public health;
  • Have relevant professional experience in any field of public health, including but not limited to one health, medicine, finance, health economics, health policy, animal health, or environmental health;
  • Be in full-time employment in any area of public health, in a private or public institution in Africa;
  • Have a good track record or be able to demonstrate the potential for effective public health leadership where they can positively impact the public health outcomes of populations.

Aim And Benefits Of African Union/Africa Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Program


  • The aim is to support aspirational Public Health Leaders (Fellows) from Africa in acquiring advanced skills and competencies to strategize, manage and lead public health programmes that will transform public health in Africa.


  • The fellowship will start on 1st May 2023.

Documents Required For Application

  • A support letter from the current employer to confirm employment, guaranteeing that the candidate will be allowed enough time to participate in the Fellowship program and to attend the full eight weeks of institutional residential experience.
  • Letters of recommendation from two reputable professional referees.
  • A personal statement (maximum 400 words) providing evidence of the candidate’s commitment to public health in Africa detailing the following:
    • Their leadership experience and professional attainment
    • Their vision of, and the future impact of effective public health leadership in Africa
    • How they would champion public health initiatives in Africa
  • A leadership challenge project proposal (maximum 400 words) that outlines a potential leadership challenge project they will implement. The proposal should include a title, brief description of the challenge (the what, the who is affected, and the why), a proposed strategy for a solution, and the expected outcome.

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