Nigerian Tech Company, Klasha Introduces Menstrual Leave

Klasha, a digital business in Nigeria, has implemented a new policy enabling its staff to take time off while on their period.

The first IT company in Nigeria, according to reports, to implement a menstruation leave policy of this nature.

According to Klasha, the policy would initially grant five days off a year, but that could change as they assess its efficacy after it is put into place.

CEO, Jess Anuna said in a statement:

“At Klasha, we understand that we must make room for women’s biological needs as a part of everyday business. Rather than leave the subject as an unspoken taboo, we want to build a culture of trust, truth, and acceptance.“

They claim that 60% of their staff members are women on their website.


On social media, some people have praised the decision, but it has also spurred discussion over how the policy would actually operate.


Only Zambia presently offers menstruation leave, which allows for one day off every month. Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea are among nations that permit temporary flexible work schedules.

According to a 2019 study, a woman’s period pain is responsible for roughly nine days of lost productivity annually.

Klasha is a Nigerian e-commerce business that operates in six African nations. It was founded in 2018. Currently, they have locations in Lagos and San Francisco.

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