5 Best Insurance Companies In Nigeria & Their Products

Getting insurance is one thing; getting it from the appropriate business is quite another. The majority of people are duped into insuring their valuables and lives with con artists posing as insurance providers.

Branding is a big contributor to this. Even the most cautious individuals might fall prey to certain deceitful branding. We’ll look at the top five insurance firms in Nigeria in this article.

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Below are the top five insurance companies in Nigeria:

1. AXA Mansard Insurance

This corporation has locations all around the world. It has offices throughout Europe, North America, Asia, Cameroon, Senegal, Gabon, and other African countries.

It is the ideal insurance provider to hire for your vacations, life, business, and financial advice.

2. GoldLink Insurance Plc

Since 1992, this insurance company has operated in Nigeria. This firm specializes in a wide range of insurance products, including business insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, and a variety of others.

They prioritize customer pleasure and do not postpone claim settlements. They are extremely thoughtful and cost-effective.

3. AIICO Insurance Plc

Since 1963, AIICO Insurance Plc has been in business. Yes, since Nigeria’s independence. This insurance company is well-known for its professionalism, commitment to its employees, and timely claim settlements.

AIICO is responsible for a variety of insurance services for both individuals and groups. The top services they provide are listed below.

  1. Life Assurance
  2. Auto Insurance
  3. Business Insurance (Big and small business inclusive)
  4. Agricultural Insurance.

4. Lead Way Assurance Company Limited

This is yet another excellent Nigerian insurance firm. Since 1970, Lead Way has operated in Nigeria, and it has been a fantastic experience. The headquarters of this company are in Maryland, Lagos.

But this isn’t a problem because, thanks to their cutting-edge technology, they can provide services to everyone, wherever.

Below is the list of insurance services they offer.

  1. Fire Insurance
  2. Motor Vehicle Insurance
  3. Employee Insurance

5. Cornerstone Insurance Plc

This insurance firm was founded on July 26th, 1991. At the time of its formation, it was a private limited liability corporation.

After being licensed by NAICOM in 1997, the company became a public limited liability corporation (National Insurance Commission).

This firm is well-known for its focus on small enterprises. They not only provide incredibly low-cost insurance, but they also provide financial guidance. This insurance organization is quite technologically advanced.

The 2016 Nigerian Technology Wards show this clearly. In terms of technology usage, Cornerstone Insurance Plc was named the top insurance firm.


Insurance is now a requirement for all businesses and individuals. However, as we stated at the outset of this essay, many greedy people defraud people under the pretext of insurance.

However, after reading this post, you will no longer be concerned about the legitimacy of an insurance firm. These insurance businesses that we’ve discussed in this article only provide the best!

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