5 Cheap Countries to Live and Work 2021

It’s shocking to see an immigrant leave his or her home country, secure employment in a supposedly industrialized country, and end up with little or no savings to show for it because the standard of living in his chosen advanced economy is exorbitantly high, and tax deductions typically take a larger percentage of total income. This post looks at 5 cheap countries to live and work in 2021.

In some nations, you may make low earnings and have a respectable amount of savings thanks to low tax deductions. It’s about time to think about these 5 cheap places to live and work in 2021. Read also Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in Africa

It could be neo-slavery if you labor and a reasonable percentage of your income is deducted as tax. Why would you want to live and work in a developed country like the United States or Switzerland etc. and be working hard to preserve their opulent lifestyle when you might live and work somewhere else and pay little or no tax.

5 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work 2021


In the western Pacific Ocean, the Philippines is a major island republic in Southeast Asia. If you’re looking for a location in Southeast Asia where you may live and work for a reasonable price, this archipelagic island country is a good option because a few dollars can get you a lot more.

According to some recent visitors to the Philippines, the island nation is one of the world’s most amazing affordable travel locations. Food, lodging, and transportation are all available at affordable rates. Food, lodging, transportation, and other miscellaneous needs can all be met for less than USD30 per day.


Vietnam, the Indochina Peninsula’s easternmost country, is well-known as a center of electronic manufacturing.

Despite being a country where major electrical and IT companies, such as Samsung Devices, choose to manufacture most their highest-quality electronics, items in Vietnam are often inexpensive.

It is possible to travel on a budget of around USD50 per day. That means, USD50 or less can cover your daily needs for lodging, food, drink, transportation, and other miscellaneous activities.

In the largest cities of Vietnam, an average flat may be rented for USD250 per month.


Georgia, a Eurasia country at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, was founded in 1995 following the disintegration of the Soviet Union and has since been a model of excellent living. Georgia is a good choice for anyone looking for a country with a low cost of living. Check out How to Apply for Chinese Visa in Nigeria


Poland is another Eastern European country that has refused to let its participation in the European Union degrade the country’s natural beauty. Poland will remain Poland, a large and well-organized country. Poland is one of the cheapest countries in Europe when compared to other advanced economies, particularly neighboring countries such as Germany and Denmark. 5 Cheap Countries to Live

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, which is home to the two Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina, is a country in which many professionals wish to spend a significant amount of time. Despite hosting hundreds of Muslim pilgrims every day, Saudi Arabia is one of the most affordable nations to live in today.

Saudi Arabia is a well-managed and well-organized country with a population of around 10 million people. If you live and work as an expert in Saudi Arabia, you will benefit from two factors.

  1. You’ll have a steady stream of revenue.
  2. Unlike other Western countries, where a portion of your salary istax deductible, you will not pay excessive tax.

Source: Nyscinfo

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