How to Apply for Chinese Visa in Nigeria

If you want to travel to the eastern half of the world, to broaden your business horizons and get away from our usual western business approach, China is an essential country to visit if you’re travelling east. It is a country that offers you a plethora of business prospects. In this post, you will learn how to apply for a Chinese visa. It’s vital to know that you must apply for a Chinese visa in Nigeria in person. The embassy does not recommend that anyone use a so-called agent. Read how to apply for Romania visa in Nigeria.

How to Apply For Chinese Visa

Student Visa

If you’re going to study in another country, you’ll need the following documents before applying for a visa.

  • A passport that is valid for over six months is known as an international passport.
  • An official admission letter from the Chinese school signed and sealed.
  • A particular form known as the JW 202 Form, which has been approved by a competent Chinese government.
  • Two professional letters of recommendation and a letter of guarantee from your parent or sponsor.
  • All of your credentials must be submitted at
  • If your studies will last longer than a year, you must provide a physical examination record that has been legally signed and sealed by a notary public and validated by the Nigeria Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese embassy.

Business Visa

  • A valid international passport for at least six months
  • Fill out a Chinese embassy application form that you have downloaded attentively.
  • A passport-sized photograph that I recently got is included.
  • A copy of your passport’s data page
  • Get a letter of invitation from your Chinese business colleague or sponsor, including all of your information, your affiliation with the company, and the length of your stay.
  • An original copy of the visa notice form, signed by a Chinese government agent, is attached.
  • Get a letter of introduction from your Nigerian company, detailing your position, the reason for your visit to China, the company you’ll be seeing, the location and address of your business colleague, and the sorts and quantities of products you plan to import.
  • Your national identity card, including the original and a copy.
  • Original and copy of your company’s registration certificate
  • Your most recent bank statement, officially signed by the bank
  • Proof of business contacts between you and the company inviting you.
  • Verified return ticket
  • Verified hotel reservation

Still Have Questions About How To Get A Chinese Visa In Nigeria?

  1. When you have gathered all the requisite documents, present them to the embassy to schedule an interview.
  2. Attend the interview on the scheduled date, and if you are hired, you will be issued a pickup form with a collection date.
  3. Finally, if the visa is issued, you will be requested to pay the visa fee on the day of collecting.

Source: Nyscinfo

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