Fastest Ways To Get A Job In Nigeria (2020)

– 5 Fastest Ways To Get A Job In Nigeria

Due to increasing high rate of unemployment in the country, getting a good job in Nigeria is not a child play.

A lot of people who graduated from the tertiary institutions in the past five years are still jobless up till today.

Things are so bad to a point that many university graduates are doing job of N30,000 (less than $100) per month.

In this article, I’ll show you the fastest ways to get a job in Nigeria.

Despite the fact there’s no job in Nigeria, some people still get jobs everyday, but this category of people are those who ‘how’.

You will probably laugh when I begin to show you. But I want you to take time and think about it.

Believe me, I personally know some many people who got their dreamed jobs through that means.

Without wasting your time let’s go there!

5 Fastest Ways To Get A Job In Nigeria

1. Offer to work for free

How does this sounds, strange, right? But it’s arguably the fastest ways to get a job in Nigeria.

Since Nigerians like free things, you can use it as a trick to get employers, it has landed many to their dreamed jobs.

So, if you know of any company you need a job, submit your curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter to the HR through their receptionist. Stating clearly on your cover letter that you want to work for free in their company.

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After some days, if they don’t invite you, go to the company to meet the person in charge of job, maybe the Human Resource Manager (HRM), and express your willingness to work for free in his company.

That sounds stupid, right? but that is actually a trick.

If they accept you to work for free, you will probably end up being paid like other staff in the company.

Even if they don’t pay at last, you will gain work experience that will catapult you to higher level.

Tip: If they take you to work for free, try to work hard more than anyone else.

If they find you useful, it’s going to likely results to paid employment. I know a friend who tried it, and he is now working with the company as a full-time staff and he is being paid regularly like other staff in the company.

2. Use Church cover

Belonging to a church can help you get fast job in Nigeria. Just join any top church around you, and use their testimony time to get job connection.

During their testmony time, testify about how God has blessed you with good health despite being jobless for several years.

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For example; you can say something like, “I want to thank God for keeping me alive despite the fact I don’t have a job yet after several years of being a graduate.

“I believe God will use someone in this church to give me a job this year, this year must not pass me by. Once I get a job, I will forever serve him in this church and I will pay my tithes and take care of our pastor.”

When you say this, you will be amazed how big men or employers in tge church will help find you a job.

Another way is to meet the pastor, and tell him you need a job, I’m sure he will connect you to the right members in the church that can help.

Tip: Make sure the church has members who have good jobs. When using this method, try to be bold. It will work for you.

3. Join Church Department

Once you join a church, find a department to join as well. There are usually different departments in a church.

They will appreciate your hard work and will like to know you more. Make sure you tell them all the truth about yourself.

If you don’t eat, tell them that you hardly eat, there is no need to sugar coat your situation. They will help you if they can.

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4. Meet Job Agents

This is one the fastest ways to get a job in Nigeia without much stress. There are job agents everywhere and they are likely around you.

The only difference between you and those guys are the fact that they possess powerful networks to diffeent jobs.

They know a lots of firms and employers. Most of the times they are the ones recruiting for the firms.

You will pay job agents if they help you to get a job depending on the agreement.

Discover job agents around you, meet and negotiate with them instead of submitting CV online and offline.

5. Advertise yourself

Drop the shame and do the needful. You can get a cardboard sheet, then write that you need a job, add your contact and qualifications. Then paste it in strategic places in the street. Another way is to use social media.

I have seen people advertising their qualifications on Facebook, Nairaland and other social platforms. And it worked for them.


5 Fastest Ways To Get A Job In Nigeria

  1. Offer to work for free
  2. Use church cover
  3. Join church department
  4. Meet job agents
  5. Advertise yourself

If you know any other ways, you can add it using the comment section below.

Updated: January 2, 2020 — 9:37 am

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