How to Write Good Cover Letter For Employment

A lot of people that apply for jobs are not aware of ‘cover letter’ and many that are aware cannot write good cover letter. In case this is your first time of hearing about cover letter, you don’t need to worry. In this article, I’ll teach you how to write good cover letter for employment that will land you to a job interview.

If you have ever wanted to see a sample of good written cover letter, then you are covered! I’m going to show you cover letter sample, and also teach you how to write good cover letter for employment.

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What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a one-page write-up that formally introduces you to a potential employer. It’s sent to employers alongside your CV or Résumé when applying for a job. A cover letter tells the employer more interesting things about the applicant that are not in his/her CV/Résumé.

Having known what a cover letter is, let’s quickly move to how to write a perfect cover letter.

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How to Write Good Cover Letter For Employment

There are several ways to write a cover letter, but the one I’m about to show you will certainly land you to an interview. One thing you should understand cover letter is that its purpose is not get you job, but to get you into the interview room just like CV. An Interview with a recruiter is actually an opportunity to prove to your prospective employer why he should hire you for the job.

However, to write a cover letter is not a difficult task; there are guidelines to do that, and I believe by the time you are through reading this post, you’ll be able to write your first job interview-landing cover letter.

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Guidelines for writing Good cover letter for employment

When writing a cover letter endeavour to strictly follow the guidelines outlined below;

  1. Personalize Your Greeting: Don’t use generic phrases or terms when greeting like, ‘Dear Sir/Madam’, ‘good morning sir’. Nothing gives you an edge like making sure your letter is being addressed to a specific person. Most of the job advertised come with names in their mail addresses. If you don’t know the name of your employer, go through the organization’s website and get the information that is needed. When you personalize your greeting it shows a certain level of seriousness. For example ‘Dear Dr. Michael’ instead of using, ‘Dear Sir’. If you cannot find any information about the employer, then you are free to use generic term like ‘Dear Sir’, since you don’t know who the employer, but try to get the employers name. That’ll give you more adge.
  2. Create a superb introduction: the second thing is to write introduction. Your introduction should answer the question, “Can I Know You?”. The first paragraph should contain the introduction and other things related to the job you are applying for like what you wish to achieve with the letter, your qualifications that are related to the job you applied for. If you have any qualification that does not related to the job, kindly avoid adding it to the cover letter. Since you are not writing a text book, make your introduction, short, simple and straight to the point. Add your former job experience in relation to how it’s going to help the organization; doing that will show the employer that you have required experience needed for the job.
  3. Add yout your abilities or achievements: The next paragraph should be about your abilities/skills that is relevant to the job you are applying for. Be sure to list skills that align to the job specifications. Writing abilities or skills that sound great to you, but are useless to the hiring manager can diminish your chances. It’s advisable to focus on the recruiter’s required skills for the job you are applying for. Also, add achievements that you have made in the past few years. If you are yet to achieve something, you can draw up a short life achievement that relates to the job.
  4. Add a call to action: When writing a cover letter, always let the hiring manager know you that you seriously want the job by adding a call to action; that give you a great chance to be invited for interview. Example; “I am looking forward to be invited for an interview, to enable me to show you what I have to offer first-hand. Thank you.” That ends the cover letter.

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What you should not do when writing a cover letter;

  • Don’t use a small font;
  • Don’t write anything outside the job requirements or specifications;
  • Do not submit your cover letter without a call to action;
  • Do not add your weakness or nagative dide;
  • Do not submit your cover letter without proofreading.

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What you must do when writing a cover letter;

  • Maintain a uniform alignment throughout your writing;
  • Explain how your previous experience will help the organization; 
  • Write only your positive sides;
  • Keep it your cover letter short and straight to the point;
  • Make sure your cover letter aligns with your resume.

Note: A good cover letter puts you in a position of advantage over other applicants.

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Sample of cover letter for employment

Below is a good cover letter that if you send alongside your CV, the potential employers will be reeling in astonishment.

“Dear Mr John Lewis  (The hiring manager’s name)

My name is Josephine Williams, I am a skilled salesperson. I have worked with Coca-Cola company and 7up bottling company as a sales manager. I am looking for exactly this sort of position with a reputable company such as yours where my abilities will not only be recognized but also rewarded. That is the reason and motivation behind this application.

After reading the job descriptions with keen interest I am very confident that I can make an immediate and significant contribution to your company’s sales. I have delivered even when given ridiculous targets to meet and I know I can bring such winning mentality to your Company.

Please refer to the accompanying CV for more detailed information regarding my abilities and skill sets.

If this brief account of my competences intrigues you enough to invite me for an interview, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you lot for your warm considerations.

Yours sincerely

(Your full names)

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