5 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Phone Battery

If you have had your phones’ battery damaged before, it is likely that you made one of these terribly mistakes. If you still have not known what the mistakes that damaged your battery was, then you are currently destroying your phone’s battery and you will still destroy more, except you read this article to the end. If you want to know the 5 dangerous mistakes that can damage your phone battery then this article if for you.

Nearly every person has a smartphone, but only a few know how to use their smartphone in order to maintain its lifespan for longer use. We do a lot of activities that damages the battery life of a smartphone daily. In this article, we will highlight 5 mistakes that can damage the batteries of any smartphones and show you how you can avoid them.

5 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Phone Battery

Below are the five mistakes that can damage your phone battery;

1. Over Charging

One of the biggest mistakes that can destroy your smartphone battery is excessive charging. Living your phone connected to power after it had showed the battery has been 100% charged weakens the battery of your phone. Although many smartphones are being equipped with a feature that prevents the phone from charging further once it is 100% charged. To keep the battery life of your phone healthy, always charge to 99% and unplug.

2. Overnight Charging

Many people are guilty of this dangerous act. Overnight charging occurs when you plug your phone to power and you left it for sleep. It destroys the battery faster and deeper than over charging. Always unplug your phone before going to bed.

3. Removing your battery from the phone

It is highly risky to remove the battery from your phone. Many people charge their phone with an external charger otherwise known as desktop charger. This kind of charging destroys your battery by weakening its strength.

4. Use of Knockoff Chargers

Knockoff chargers are those chargers that charge your phone faster than normal. Many phone batteries are made of lithium-ion and it is compulsory to abide by its protective measures.

5. Running Your Battery Dry

To run your battery dry means to use your phone without charging it until the phone switches off itself. This ruins your battery without your knowledge. Upon using your battery up to 15%, you must connect your phone to power to charge it. Please, do not ignore the warning tone and sign.


We have highlighted the 5 common mistakes that can destroy your smartphone battery. Avoiding making any of these mistakes put your battery in a position to last as long as it is expected to. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions for use and compliance. Remember to always charge your phone once the battery power remains 15%.

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